“Charming, amusing, unsettling”: Publishers Weekly on Salvatore + Little Nothings

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“In this charming, amusing, and sometimes unsettling tale, pigs, dogs, cows, and cats move through France in a state of longing.. Their adventures spill across De Crécy’s lovely, muted watercolors, creating a magical world one longs to visit and making the animals’ emotions seem all too human. From De Crécy’s always surprising mind. He is […]

More opinions on Geary’s Axe-Man, The Broadcast, Networked

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Tony Isabella loooves Geary’s latest The Axe-Man of New Orleans: “He takes his readers back to that time, draws us into the fearful moments of the spree, and leaves us more than a little unsettled afterwards. THE FULL FIVE TONYS!” in the Comics Buyers Guide. And here’s Sequential Tart piping in on it: “To die […]

A rain of reviews for Axe-Man

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Comics Book Resources highly recommends Ricker Geary’s latest Axe-Man of New Orleans and provides a number of pages previews. “AXE-MAN is proof of Geary’s obvious talent for resurrecting cold cases and presenting them in an easy to read package. With each page the reader is absorbed further and further into a tragic scene long gone but never […]

CBR’s Robot 6 On Joe & Azat and the latest Dungeon

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On Dungeon Early Years 2: “The Dungeon series remains a thrilling, sharp read, in this case thanks largely in part to Blain’s stunning art work. Certainly this isn’t a good jumping-on point for newcomers, but it’s well worth getting through the series to arrive at this point. You’ll be surprised where the journey takes you.” […]

Comic Book Resources does a week of NBM reviews

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On CBR’s Comics Should Be Good blog, Brian Cronin is in the process of reviewing a number of our books and started with a hailstorm of protests, reviewing First Time the erotic comics anthology our imprint Eurotica (go to the author gallery and choose Sybilline, you must be over 18) published earlier this year. You see, Brian actually […]

GEARY interviewed on Comic Book Resources

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Comic Book Resources has posted an article with many quotes from Rick Geary on his forthcoming Famous Players (shipping June) and also reveals what he’s working on for next year… Famous Players will be premiered at the MoCCA show 1st weekend of June in NYC! Come see us!

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