The Stranger On Miss Don’t Touch Me

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“The mystery is involving and proceeds at a sprightly pace. It’s refreshing to see a sex-positive story and heartening to see a female lead character who’s quick-witted and brave. There’s no American analogue for this kind of breathless comic book mystery. It’s all so perfectly French.” …says The Stranger of Seattle about Miss Don’t Touch […]

Neil Kleid interviewed on about Big Khan

February 13, 2009 by  
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Jennifer Contino of Pulse interviews Neil Kleid on about his latest graphic novel The Big Kahn scheduled for release in July from us.

AT THE LOUVRE NOW: The Louvre series we’ve been publishing.

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Just back from France and the Angouleme Fair which went quite well, all exhibitors I talked to were happy with attendance and sales which is certainly nice to hear, good news amongst all the bleakness around these days. On my way back from Angouleme, I made a point of stopping by an exhibit that just […]

Newsarama on Miss Don’t Touch Me

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“Miss Don’t Touch Me (NBM Publishing) is really nothing more than a murder mystery and period piece, but it sure is a good one—so good, in fact, that you may find yourself needing to be reminded how un-ambitious an unpretentious it actually is. ” See the full review on Newsarama.

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