Closer to the Shelves…

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HELLO BLESSED AND DEAR BLOG READERS!   Hope every one’s having an eventful month of March!  To be honest it’s passed by so quickly the only thing I remember is St. Paddy’s… or well, maybe I don’t…  Any who, this brings A HOME for Mr. EASTER  a little closer to book shelves and hopefully a little […]

On the cusp of a little march madness…

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                                                           So I woke up this morning ( afternoon), broke my fast like a champion (on 3 chocolate chunk brownies and 2 glasses of Twinnings) and looked over at […]

Down the Bunny Trail…

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  I’ll be honest, I can’t think of anything more fun to draw then some one tromping through the woods… and as a result you’ll find many a panel of Tesana + crew doing just that.  Besides it being the perfect excuse to scribble trees and live vicariously through my characters (because lets face it, […]

Be Prepared this April for…

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Here’s  a few things to expect this April: VILLAINOUS MUSTACHES !   DEFIANCE!  INCREDIBLE   DIALOGUE! AND EQUESTRIAN AGILITY!   ALL THIS BETWEEN THE COVERS OF :    A Home for Mr.Easter    More  sneak peaks and comic talk to come!…. after I finish my home work.  >:(     

Hello NBM!

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Fig. A1 So here I am, my first post about my first book and I’m paralyzed with enthusiasm so I guess I’ll attempt to break the ice with an introduction: Hey NBM Bloggers and kindly readers I’m Brooke and there’s my up n’ coming book’s cover above (see Fig.A1) “A Home for Mr.Easter” that Terry’s […]