Ephemeral Tidbits – New Reviews For NBM Favorites

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It’s always nice to see that a book lives on beyond it’s release date.  Hopefully being shared and recommended to like minded readers. Teacher Librarian Magazine‘s Joe Sutliff Sanders recently took a look at Sean Michael Wilson and Chie Kutsuwada’s The Story of Lee commenting: “Drawn with the iconic faces and screen-tones manga aficionados cherish, […]

Booklist on Colon’s Inner Sanctum

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Here’s what Booklist has to say of Colon’s Inner Sanctum, that while the stories aren’t roofraising: “The energy Colón infuses into them makes them constitute something more enjoyable than a pop-cultural trip down memory lane.”

The joy of getting slightly creeped out.

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                          School Library Journal says of Colon’s Inner Sanctum: “Colón maintains the period settings and character interactions, while showing how ominous shading, gestures caught in frozen moments, staring yet lifeless eyes, and the confusion between reality and nightmarish deformity convert the tales from […]

“Female descendants of Max and Moritz”

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“Here are the female descendants of Wilhelm Busch’s Max and Moritz. Like Busch’s awful boys, it’s impossible not to cheer these two through all their silliness and well-deserved comeuppances.” Booklist on Kinky & Cosy. From Robot 6: Chris Mautner: “You know who’s great? Lewis Trondheim. Trondheim continues to reveal his life to readers on a […]

Catp. Comics, Teacher Librarian and Unshelved on our books (and more)

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Ernie Colon gets an excellent interview over at Comics Bulletin by Jason Sacks. And Andrew “Captain Comics” Smith over at Scripps Howard News Service has this to say about it: “[Colon] can scare the pants off you. I highly recommend “Inner Sanctum,” which ought to come with a reinforced belt.” Smith (same review) also has come […]

Inner Sanctum at your comics store now.

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Ernie Colon’s latest graphic novel, INNER SANCTUM, hit comics bookstores yesterday, if you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure not to miss it, it’s a beauty, a work of love by Colon who grew up listening to this classic radio show late at night, feeling delicious shivers of fright under the sheets. It’s horror, it’s retro, […]

Ernie gets his due

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Some great coverage begins as we’ve released Ernie Colon‘s Inner Sanctum to the world. First off, a great interview is up on Comic Book Resources. And also David-Wasting-Paper has an extensive overview of Colon’s career along with a few words with Colon as well.

Ernie Colon interview at the Morton Report

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Bill Baker does a great interview of Ernie Colon at the Morton Report on the occasion of his forthcoming Inner Sanctum from us.

Sneak Peak! “Death of a Doll” From Ernie Colón’s INNER SANCTUM!

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This December comics legend Ernie Colón makes his NBM debut with his adaptation of stories from the classic radio series, Inner Sanctum. We’re so excited for this upcoming release that we’re proud to present one of the stories from the book in it’s entirety, “Death of a Doll”. Originally broadcast on October 18, 1948, “Death […]

When Radio was King…

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Inner Sanctum… The lights had to be out—complete darkness, ear pressed against the set. Raymond, with his insane laughter, would introduce the story, first bantering with the tea lady selling Lipton’s. I backed away from the commercials, not wanting to break the spell that was already settling over me, of anticipation. Then back to mad […]

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