FAMILY TIES: Action Packed?

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Last year, before the publication delay, I wrote a post promising  Family Ties would not be your typical crime story. This is still mostly true… More than anything, Family Ties is a book about the deterioration of a dysfunctional family. But as the finished art rolled in: to be honest, I was a little taken […]

Family Ties: Not Your Typical Crime Thriller

April 24, 2013 by  
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This shouldn’t surprise anyone, really. After all, Noel and I already did a book about an alien attack without any aliens in it. The Broadcast was a character-driven thriller about families in rural America and how they might react to an alien invasion. The aliens (or lack thereof) were just a catalyst for the story […]

Family Ties: Late?

April 15, 2013 by  
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So I’ve heard from a few people checking in on Family Ties and its status. Rather than a long post to explain the obvious, I’ll state it as simply as I can: Family Ties is going to be a little late. Believe me, as a fan, I know what it’s like to expect a book […]

Family Ties Giveaway

February 13, 2013 by  
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I did this with The Broadcast and had some success with it so I figured I would do it again and give readers a chance to win a free copy of Family Ties. Like before, you have to be a member of the Good Reads website to enter, but membership is free and definitely worth […]

A Long Distance Collaboration

February 3, 2013 by  
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So as Noel and I continue to finish up Family Ties, something occurred to me. Together, he and I have created almost 400 pages of comic art. It’s kind of crazy, when I think about it like that. It’s even crazier when I think that it’s been five whole years since I sent him that […]

NBM in March: The next Hobbs/Tuazon (Broadcast)

January 18, 2013 by  
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Here’s what’s being solicited by us for this month in comics stores: after the success of The Broadcast, writer Eric Hobbs and artist Noel Tuazon team up again for: FAMILY TIES An Alaskan Crime Drama Eric Hobbs, Noel Tuazon Hoping to secure a future for his children, an aging Alaskan crime boss looks to retire and […]

Adapting Shakespeare for Comics

January 13, 2013 by  
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As I suggested in the post announcing Family Ties, I really struggled with Shakespeare in school which meant writing an update of King Lear was a bit intimidating. So much so, in fact, that before starting, I bought a book called No Fear Shakespeare. These books are great. I wish they’d been around when I […]

What’s Next?

January 6, 2013 by  
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“I loved Broadcast, man. What’s next?” I’ve heard that from comic fans a lot over the last few years. Response to that first book was more than I ever could have hoped for. Reviews were great, fans enjoyed the work — Noel and I were thrilled. But as I started to hear that question again and […]

NBM’s publishing program is up through June

December 5, 2012 by  
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Take a look at our Coming Up section and you’ll see we’ve recently put up all books we’ve got planned through June. Two things of note on that: Eric Hobbs’ and Noel Tuazon’s newest graphic novel after the acclaimed The Broadcast: Family Ties, another psychological thriller involving a crime family in Alaska, and: Persia Blues, […]

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