SALE books: check out our new crop

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See all the new books added to our sale list at only $3 each! There are quite a few notable ones: * The Art of Bryan Talbot as well as his Metronome * Our jolly collection of the classic Happy Hooligan * The set of remaining volumes in our adaptation of Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things […]

NBM in June: Geary on Sacco & Vanzetti

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Coming in June and now being solicited for in comics shops, a big one from Rick Geary: A Treasury of Murder: THE LIVES OF SACCO & VANZETTI Rick Geary Rick Geary tackles the most controversial case of the 20th century. Anarchists Sacco & Vanzetti were accused of robbery and murder but so many supposedly damning […]

People still discoverin’ that Hooligan!

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A great rave post on Dan Nadel’s Comics Comics for Happy Hooligan followed by fun comments. Where were you guys when we published this moons ago? We might have sold more than a couple copies!

Don’t overlook that Hooligan!

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Another great review on this collection our imprint Forever Nuts did: “The “Forever Nuts” book does this rarely seen comic strip proud. It’s a good read, not just for students of early comic art, but for lovers of an enjoyably rough-hewn, low-brow American brand of humor.” Pop Culture Gadabout

Capt. Comics on Bringing Up Father

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Forever Nuts is getting press not only for its latest Bringing Up Father collection but also for Happy Hooligan. Andrew “Capt. Comics” Smith of the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain says: “Bringing Up Father” was a much copied strip, not only for its simple and engaging premise, but also for creator George McManus’ beautiful art. This is […]

Highlow on Happy Hooligan

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The review blog Highlow comics has a review of our Forever Nuts’ most recent two collections, Happy Hooligan and Bringing Up Father. Heavy praise went to Happy Hooligan: “Every fan of gag cartooning in particular needs to read HAPPY HOOLIGAN.” “The panel-to-panel transitions, the way he drew action and violence, the way he layered gag on […]

“When all seemed lost, he does get the girl, the cake, or the dog.”

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We’re talking about Happy Holigan here and this is from a great review in the California Literary Review: “Seen in the context of this long tradition, Opper ultimately created a great gag, a caricatured layabout with an appalling taste in orange polka dot undershirts. Viewed in retrospect, post-Depression, however, he acquires a special poignancy. Here […]

See us at NY Comicon!

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We’ll be at booth 1713 in a well placed corner, have our latest books out both for NBM and for our sister publishing co. Papercutz. For NBM that means having Miss Don’t Touch Me, Nocturnal Conspiracies by David B, Happy Hooligan and fresh in: LITTLE NOTHINGS 2 by Lewis Trondheim! We’ll also have Neil Kleid […]

Happy Hooligan, Moresukine and more, reviewed…

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Time Out NY says of Moresukine: “Hilarious, sharply observed” RC Harvey (his site needs token subscription) the noted historian and rant and raver says about Geary’s Lindbergh Child: “Reading one of Geary’s books is always a delight. He methodically researches and then displays the facts of whatever crime he is exploring, deploying a hypnotic drawing style […]