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My animated timeline of the Middle Ages from my book Science: a Discovery in Comics has just hit 100,000 views on Youtube! I guess I should prepare for e-fame now! Fortunately, animators Jaltoid made this handy survival guide – watch it, it’s hilarious!

Friday the Thirteenth

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This comic about Friday the Thirteenth was made in 2007 for children’s magazine Jippo. I wrote the script, and Belgian colleague Floris De Smedt made the drawings – and added so much fun to it by coming up with all kinds of things happening in the background!

Groundhog Day

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It’s Groundhog Day! We’re celebrating either six more weeks of winter or not; and I’m celebrating that my Groundhog Design for the Spoonflower contest came in sixth place, securing a place in the coveted Top Ten Bundle! This is the drawing I made: And this is what it looks like on fabric: In July, I […]

In memoriam Peter Pontiac

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Een strip voor en over Peter Pontiac – a comic for and about Peter Pontiac. English version below.   ————————————  

On Speechlessness and Fundamentalism

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I was about to proudly announce that my graphic novel Religion: a Discovery in Comics will be published this year by NBM – when the attack on Charlie Hebdo happened and left me speechless. This might not be the best time to promote a work that puts pictures and religious thought together. Or maybe it […]

Happy New Year!

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Here’s the New Year’s card Yiri and I made: Yes, it’s a direct tribute to this famous Calvin & Hobbes strip by Bill Watterson: What are we dancing about in the New Year? Well, for the pending publication of Religion: a Discovery in Comics, for starters. It will be out at NBM in Fall, and […]

An Alternative Christmas Comic

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I made this comic for the online magazine FictionCrowd.com:

Exclusive Kerascoet Print Offered on NBM Site!

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Did you enjoy the art of Beauty? Miss Don’t Touch Me? Right now when you spend $30 in the NBM store you can get an exclusive print from Kerascoet, the artist behind Miss Don’t Touch Me and Beauty! If you buy $50 worth of books, you can get the print signed by the artist! Sorry, the […]

Dutch History part 6

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This weekend Holland commemorates the 201st anniversary of the landing of William, the first King of our monarchy. Each year, this landing is re-enacted on the beach of Scheveningen – William arrives by boat from England, whence he was summoned to rule the newly “liberated” Netherlands (although some of the French occupants were still in the […]

Religion in Korea

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My comic book about Religion (yet to be published in the U.S., hopefully next year) has just been released in South Korea! It’s really strange to see my pictures combined with (for me) illegible signs – and even stranger (but very nice-strange) to find that people so far away are not only reading the book, […]

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