Newsarama on Miss Don’t Touch Me and a preview of Story of Lee

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“Hubert’s good ear for dialogue and fast-moving scenes keep the pace quick, while each page gives readers nearly a dozen panels of information and characterization.  There’s no obvious genre hook here – it’s simply good writing, a story about a girl’s dream to find a better life and the unfortunate slings and stones that hold […]

more reviews of the week:

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As usual, the writing is well-tooled and funny, with just the right touch of absurdity. The guest artists have a deft hand, though they don’t stray far from the usual Dungeon style. A good continuation of a worthwhile series.”  Booklist on the latest Dungeon, Monstres vol.3 And here’s Newsarama on The Broadcast: A taut thriller […]

Boneyard, Axe-Man of New Orleans, A Home for Mr. Easter news.

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“Written with charm and wit, as well as action and passion, Boneyard vol.7 will not disappoint fans of the series yet is also a sufficiently accessible and self-contained story as to be a serviceable jumping-on point for new readers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” The Midwest Book Review & Richard Moore is interviewed by Newsarama about this volume and […]

Newsarama and G4 review Geary

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  “Terrific book by a modern comics master” says Newsarama on Geary’s Axe-Man of New Orleans at your store now. And G4 just posted a video review: “Great story-telling and absolutely captivating!”

Newsarama on Boneyard

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“Suffused with geeky humor and high adventure, well drawn, and emotionally real, Boneyard v.7 concludes Michael and Abbey’s story, but Richard Moore remains a comics creator to watch, and Boneyard stands as a series well worth rereading many times over. ” As on Newsarama  

Newsarama on Dungeon

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“Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim, two of the world’s wittiest and creative cartoonists, continue to script.  They stuff each tale chock full of insane twists and wild ideas, including the various ways people survive on a floating, rotating island.  Meanwhile, their dialogue crackles with an uncanny balance of humor and compassion, providing the readers with […]

On Odd Hours…

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“Liberge’s illustrations are very strong.  Detailed and moody, each page swirls with dark colors, and Liberge’s strong character work enables readers to immediately emphasize with Bastien and those around him.” Newsarama “One of the strangest yet most haunting novels I have been privileged to read.” Grasping for the Wind Adding another review (4/19) which appears […]

Rall’s 2nd Afghanistan trip funded, see the Newsarama piece

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Newsarama ran a great piece about Ted Rall’s getting funding at Kickstarter (see previous blog entries), this will give you all the fascinating background. Now, of course, Ted has reached his lofty goal of $25,000. It was down to the wire. See the book we published of his first trip right during the start of […]

Big Nothings

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Trondheim’s Little Nothings keeps rolling on on the web: Rob Clough at The Comics Journal: “I always found myself drawn to his autobiographical material the most.  He’s self-deprecating without being mawkish, introspective without navel-gazing and consistently funny. At this point, I hope Little Nothings runs forever.  It’s already my favorite diary comic of all time […]

Newsarama on Rall’s Year

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While saying this may fall short of a must-read, Michael Lorah at Newsarama says: “Rall does a fine job laying out the story, weaving his year of dangerous love with flashbacks that explain his predicament. It’s an impressive balancing act, and he makes it work. The dialogue is convincing, and most of the women are […]

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