It’s Only Science!

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It’s now less than two months to go before my book Science: a Discovery in Comics will be in stores! To whet your appetites, here’s a bit of a proto-science-comic I made for newspaper Trouw in 2009, for its philosophy section. Philosophy of Science has always been my interest, and here I had the opportunity […]

How To Pick Those Pivotal Philosophers?

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In May 2009 Kees Korenhof of Publishing House Meinema asked me to make a comic book about philosophy, and I had boldly agreed to have it finished in time for the Spring 2010, which meant a deadline in October. I had to sit down and produce. I started out by drawing two introductory chapters to […]

Philosophical Qualifications

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I don’t have a degree in Philosophy, and frankly, I don’t think you need one to be a “lover of wisdom” – which is the exact translation of the word “philosopher”. I do have a degree in Theology from the University of Amsterdam. It was something of a genetic necessity: both my parents were ministers […]

How did my Philosophy Comic come about?

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It all started way back in 2007… I had the good fortune to be making occasional comics for newspaper NRC.Next, with a special assignment: I visited theater shows and made reviews in comic form. I loved the format, and wanted to extend it to other areas. In April 2007 a philosopher from the North of […]

Who Am I and What Am I Thinking?

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Do you remember the first thought you ever had? Well, that depends on what you consider a thought. I imagine that, as a baby, even in the womb, I must have felt all kinds of sensations that registered somewhere in my tiny brain as observations, like “I’m cold”, “I’m hungry”, “I’m tired”. Are those thoughts? […]

Welcome Stan Mack and Margreet de Heer

Quick post to welcome two new artists to our blog: Stan Mack, formerly of the Village Voice, who’ll be talking about his upcoming:             of which you can see more right here… This is being solicited at comics stores now…           and Margreet whose charming, concise and […]

I Blog, therefore I Am

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This month NBM will start announcing my comic ‘Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics’, and I am very happy and excited about it! This book appeared originally in Dutch in 2010, and I am very pleased with the American title NBM came up with. (the original is ‘Philosophy in the Picture’).   Because it IS a […]