NBM in July: Science in comics and Omaha in her grand finale!

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As being solicited for in this month’s Diamond Previews, the classic erotic comics series OMAHA THE CAT DANCER stars in her final bow, from our Eurotica/Amerotica imprint:   The Complete OMAHA THE CAT DANCER, Vol. 8 Reed WALLER, Kate WORLEY & James VANCE Omaha and Chuck struggle to put the tangled past behind them while political […]


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It’s the Christian feast of Pentecost today – but what’s it all about? It celebrates “the descent of the Holy Spirit” on the disciples and other followers of Jesus, fifty days after Christ was seen to ascend to heaven. But what is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is often thought of as an inspirational […]

The Scientific Method

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This week, Science: a Discovery in Comics is going out to the printer in China! A memorable step, after months of translating and proofreading and finetuning. The physical book won’t be in stores until at least August, but for me the hard work is done. To celebrate, here’s a page from the book. It explains […]

The Beginning and End of Science

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The extra perk of preparing a book for publication at NBM is that I get to make endsheets, that go inside the hardcover at the beginning and the end of the book. For the upcoming Science: a Discovery in Comics I just finished making them – I layed out a grid and filled it with […]


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Here’s some info that needs posting, concerning present and future books. To celebrate the second printing of Philosophy: a Discovery in Comics, I made another GiveAway on GoodReads.com. Now’s your chance to win a free, autographed copy of the first print! Click here to sign into GoodReads and enter the giveaway. In the meantime, the […]

Our publishing program is up for the rest of the year!

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Our Coming Up section is now replete with our entire program through December! Highlights include: Zombiellenium, our new Boneyard! A wry spoof of horror, beautifully painted. Leading retailers at the ComicsPro event all saw it as a winner. Coming in June. Margreet de Heer’s next book in the Discovery in Comics series, after Philosophy it’s Science. […]

A Calendar of Tales

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Widely beloved author Neil Gaiman has started the project A Calendar of Tales, in which he invites the world to make art with him. Using the tweets of thousands of people as an inspiration, he has written twelve tales, one for each month, and is now inviting artists to illustrate them. I love this. Even […]

Translating Digits of Pi

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In September, my next book ‘Science: a Discovery in Comics’ will be published by NBM. Right now, I’m in the middle of translating this 192-pager from Dutch into English (using my own new font, yay!). As always, translating poses interesting challenges – not only does the translation have to be accurate, it also has to […]


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The New Year already brought exciting new plans, prospects and projects – including the intended publication of my next book at NBM in September: ‘Science: a Discovery in Science’. This calls for a new wave of Promotion when the time comes, and this time we’ll include some YouTube videos about the book. I could just […]

History of the Earth

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My Dutch book ‘Wetenschappen in Beeld’ gets a second print run! It has only been in stores for a few weeks, so I’m very happy! Especially for the english-speaking followers of my blog, I have translated a few pages of the book to showcase here. In time, it will probably be published in English with […]

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