Ted Rall is in Afghanistan, risking his neck.

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…and he’s tweeting and blogging about it. It’s quite fascinating as he goes back to where he went at the start of the Afghan War back in 2001. He reported on that in one of our bestselling books To Afghanistan & Back. This hybrid of comics and articles that he wrote for the Village Voice was also […]

San Diego: work and party

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San Diego is an exhausting experience but thrilling oftentimes as well.  It’s great to hear from fans about their excitement on certain series or even to hear ‘what a great publishing company you are!” For all the hard work, such compliments are music to my ears. Also, many of our authors that we publish we […]

San Diego: some pics

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Some pictures from San Diego last week: The authors of Networked: Carabella on the Run which we premiered at the show, Gerard Jones and Mark Badger. Talking with Gerry is Sean Michael Wilson of Story of Lee. A wider view of our booth. Ted Rall and Richard Moore are signing. Moore had to call off […]

San Diego: Who’s appearing when at the NBM Booth

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  NBM author appearance schedule                         10:30-noon 1-2:30 2:30-4 4-5:30 5:30-7 7-8:30               Wednesday           Rall Thursday   Moore Wilson; Rall Geary;Jones Moore   Friday Moore Badger/Jones Wilson; Geary Rall; Moore Badger/Jones   Saturday […]

Our authors appearance schedule for San Diego

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Here’s our schedule of our authors appearing at our booth #1528 in San Diego next week. We’ll be having Mark Badger and Gerard Jones in to launch Networked: Carabella on the Run hot off the press, Ted Rall, Richard Moore (Boneyard), Rick Geary, and Sean Michael Wilson signing an ashcan of his forthcoming Story of […]

“That’s truly what LOVING DANGEROUSLY is…literature.”

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So says Ain’t It Cool News reviewing Ted Rall and Pablo Callejo’s Year of Loving Dangerously: “When a book like LOVING DANGEROUSLY does come along, I have to read it twice because I am so taken aback by the fact honest-to-God literature is being produced in graphic novel format. And that’s truly what LOVING DANGEROUSLY […]

MoCCA: Mr. Easter a sell-out!

April 12, 2010 by  
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Saturday was a busy day at the MoCCA Fest last weekend, definitely an upbeat event with many who came ready to buy. One of the hits was the premiere of A Home for Mr. Easter, Brooke A. Allen‘s debut graphic novel. It sold out by mid-afternoon of that day. We had to go back to […]

Meet us and our artists at MoCCA this weekend

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The MoCCA Festival is coming right up, here in NYC this weekend of April 10 and we’ll be busy with quite a few of our authors appearing! Come and meet: Brooke A. Allen premiering our brand new ‘A Home for Mr. Easter.’ Greg Houston (Vatican Hustle) Neil Kleid and Nicolas Cinquegrani (The Big Khan, Brownsville) Ted […]

Kyrgyztan: see Silk Road to Ruin

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As Kyrgyztan goes up in riots and the government may be toppled, you might find SILK ROAD TO RUIN (scroll down) a fascinating way to find out more about this country and the others around it which also have been ruled by petty dictators. The book is a series of travelog articles, comics chapters and fun […]

Rall’s 2nd Afghanistan trip funded, see the Newsarama piece

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Newsarama ran a great piece about Ted Rall’s getting funding at Kickstarter (see previous blog entries), this will give you all the fascinating background. Now, of course, Ted has reached his lofty goal of $25,000. It was down to the wire. See the book we published of his first trip right during the start of […]

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