NBM is going APE!

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NBM is going APE! APE, the Alternative Press Expo, returns to San Francisco October 4 & 5. . . and we will be there to celebrate all that alternative press has to offer! Two of our talents, Patrick Atangan and Rick Geary, will be at our table to sign books and sell books! Patrick Atangan, […]

Everybody is Talking About RICK GEARY

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Last week we announced that Rick Geary’s latest volume of The Treasury of XXth Century Murder, Lover’s Lane: The Hall-Mills Mystery will be released this June. Here’s what iFanboy said just about the solicitation: “Each time Rick Geary releases a new comic on a historical murder, you can be sure that I’ll recommend it.” Geary’s […]

Wilson interviewed in Japan, The Beat on Dungeon, GNR on Axe-Man: news & reviews this week

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Graphic Novel Reporter on Geary’s The Terrible Axe-Man of New Orleans: “Geary shows the same flair for pacing and drama here as he did in the other volumes in this series and in his nine-volume A Treasury of Victorian Murder series. He builds the tension by slowly revealing the facts, using a journalistic tone of […]

Raves for The Broadcast and Axe-Man

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Eric Hobbs’ and Noel Tuazon’s The Broadcast picks up more reviews and interviews: The Gutter Geek at The Comics Journal had this rave: “Mature, original, and deeply thoughtful. Takes advantage of the unique affordances of the comics medium to tell a complex tale interweaving several sets of characters and individual dramas with minimal dialogue and […]

More opinions on Geary’s Axe-Man, The Broadcast, Networked

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Tony Isabella loooves Geary’s latest The Axe-Man of New Orleans: “He takes his readers back to that time, draws us into the fearful moments of the spree, and leaves us more than a little unsettled afterwards. THE FULL FIVE TONYS!” in the Comics Buyers Guide. And here’s Sequential Tart piping in on it: “To die […]

reviews: Booklist on Geary, Mr. Easter, The Broadcast, Miss Don’t Touch Me

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Another rave for Geary’s latest The Terrible Axe-Man of New Orleans, this time from the influential Booklist: “Geary’s archly antiquated drawing style is ideally suited for bringing bygone eras to vivid, convincing life. Geary’s exacting, historically accurate approach makes this—as well as his other nonfiction works—a natural for true-crime fans as well as comics lovers.” About […]

USA TODAY’s Pop Candy on Geary’s Axe-Man

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“Speaking of great art, you can’t go wrong with Geary — his work displays a humor, style and class that make it instantly recognizable. This latest book adds an element of horror, though: It tells the compelling, bizarre story of a series of brutal murders in New Orleans that seem connected (but are they?). While […]

Mr. Hornswoggler, Gent. has been active

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Andrew Wheeler, that is, at his Antick Musings blog where he’s reviewed: The Axe-Man of New Orleans, Rick Geary’s latest Treasury of Murder tome Boneyard vol.7 by Richard Moore and also has nice words to say about our sister co. Papercutz‘ The Smurfs.

Newsarama and G4 review Geary

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  “Terrific book by a modern comics master” says Newsarama on Geary’s Axe-Man of New Orleans at your store now. And G4 just posted a video review: “Great story-telling and absolutely captivating!”

Tony Isabella on Axe-Man: full 5 Tonys

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“The Terrible Axe-Man of New Orleans is the latest book in Rick Geary’s “A Treasury of XXth Century Murder” series.  While it’s unquestionably ghastly of me to revel in these histories of murder most foul, I do find them irresistibly inviting and even charming. Geary’s style lends itself perfectly to this shocking tale of unsolved killings […]

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