Ryan Inzana
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Ryan Inzana

John Sendel is a typical disillusioned teenager. The kind that snap and would start shooting at their school. He is part of a generation reared by television in the nineties with absentee or loveless parents, cynical, and willing to wield the impetuousness of youth in a self-destructive manner. But Johnny stumbles onto fundamentalist Islam through his friend Salim, and finds a new outlet to channel his rebellious angst. He cannot but admire these people with an actual purpose in life and something to believe in. The facets of Johnny's humdrum existence in suburbia begin to fade, his life now has a purpose: jihad. However, the deeper he gets enmeshed, the more frightening the road becomes with no possibility of return. When the CIA gets hold of him, things take an ugly turn. Based on true facts of training camps run in the U.S. and inspired by the stories of John Walker Lindh and others... Chillingly real and hotly topical.
"The story is disturbing and believable. The extent of the worldwide terrorist movement may seem a bit too out of your normal life to accept as reality. When you see the facts of how easily they infiltrate the life of those willing to be lead you will know their true power. The conflict of ideas revealed on both sides is not going to go away next week or next month. There are no easy answers proposed here, just revelation of the sad truth about the world we live in."
-David LeBlanc, Editor Comic Book Network Electronic Magazine
"Highly recommended (9/10). The most compelling aspect of the book is the main character and the genuine voice Inzana has brought out in the first-person narration. Sendel experiences unimaginable events. The reader is able to see him or herself in Sendel through his fear, disillusionment and arrogance."
-Don MacPherson, thefourthrail.com
"Alarmingly convincing, perhaps most in its portrayal of an anomic kid who sees salvation in ideologized violence and doesn't "come to his senses" until it is too late." -Booklist
"Grade: A-. Those under the impression that this is a thinly disguised account of John Walker Lindh's life will be surprised. But not disappointed." -Comics Buyer's Guide
"Clearly antiwar, and sometimes verging on anti-American, the book may offend some. But its skilled drawings and wit bring to life the misguided motivations-and hesitations-of a would-be terrorist, and the empty promise of salvation through violence." -Newsweek International
"Somewhere between distinguished and disturbing. It's not a pretty story, and not meant to be - but it's one that will haunt you as you watch the news." -Andrew Smith, Scripps-Howard papers
"Starkly engaging and powerful. A bold fictional investigation into the roots of political fanaticism." -Publishers Weekly
“Inzana draws no moral; or rather, he leaves it to us. We didn’t cause it all, but collectively speaking, we aren’t innocent, either. Now, Inzana suggests, it engulfs us. Unless we can learn.”
-New York Press
6x9, 96pp., B&W trade pb.: $9.95, SALE $3
ISBN 978-1-56163-353-1
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