Efa and Salva Rubio
MONET: Itinerant of Light

Coming in October 2017!
MONET: Itinerant of Light
Efa (artist),
Salva Rubio (writer)
The life of the great French painter, one of the founders of Impressionism, is narrated in lush comic art reminiscent of his style. From the Salon des Refuses ("Salon of the Rejected") and many struggling years without recognition, money and yet a family to raise, all the way to great success, critically and financially, Monet pursued insistently one vision: catching the light in painting, refusing to compromise on this ethereal pursuit. It cost him dearly but he was a beacon for his contemporaries. We discover in this comics biography how he came to this vision as well as his turbulent life pursuing it. 9x12, 112pp., full color hardcover, $24.99,
ISBN 9781681121390, e-book: $9.99




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