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Classic Screwball Strips
The Early Years of MUTT & JEFF
Bud Fisher
One of the most long lasting and popular humor strips in history, Mutt and Jeff had many memorable moments of serious goofiness and irreverence. Here’s a rediscovery of a true oddball classic maybe only outdone by the antic high living of its own creator.
2007 is the one hundreth anniversary of the start of this classic strip!
"A real work of art. I love how these knuckleballs are always scrambling for 50 cents so they can get some ham and eggs. I thought Herriman was the greatest till I started reading Fisher's working-scrub comics. Now I'm not sure." -Tony Millionaire (in the Comics Journal).
"Ends up being a smart, extremely well-illustrated essay on character development"
-The Comics Reporter
"A blast to read. There is a lively wackiness to them that still makes them funny today and transcends the decades. A great bit of nostalgic fun!"
-Tim Janson, Silver Bullet Comics & Amazon
"Fisher really was a terrific artist and writer, finding characters and themes he could build upon, and creating material that truly set itself apart from others working at that time. An excellent holiday gift."
-Marc Mason,
"Brilliantly constructed. Most strips start with the lanky Mutt stumbling into a new moneymaking scheme that often involves blackening the eye of his diminutive partner Jeff. The scratchy art and rapid-fire comic rhythm takes some getting used to, but once readers get on Fisher's wavelength, just seeing Mutt gamely assert, "Jeff, we're in soft, I just got a job as war correspondent," is enough to generate a smile of anticipation." -The Onion
"The sharp pacing and sardonic wit in Fisher's work set the standard for every newspaper strip that would follow." -Washington Post
"Will reward checking out."

On The Comics Reporter Christmas Wish List
11x61/2, 192pp., B&W, jacketed hardcover, $24.95
ISBN 978-1-56163-502-3
Sold out

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