Jose Munoz  
Jose Munoz, (Illustrator), Milan, Milano (Milan) (Italy) - Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1942, Jose Munoz had a serious passion for comics from an early age. Enrolling at the Pan-American School of Art at twelve, he was a student of Hugo Pratt and Alberto Breccia. His first comics job was assisting Francisco Solano Lopez, illustrating stories by Argentine comics legend Hector Osterheld. His first leap into creating comics independently was the detective series "Precinct 56." Munoz moved to Europe in 1972, meeting fellow Argentine writer Carlos Sampayo. The duo collaborated often with various series, including Alack Sinner(IDW) and in Art Spiegelman's Raw. Gaining international recognition, the duo has won Angouleme and Yellow Kid awards and been nominated for an Eisner.