Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy
ComicsLit is proud to launch another talented newcomer in a collection of short slice-of-life stories quietly but strongly etching various facets of our lives, making us think about ourselves and how we act with others. The House of Java is a coffee house where little flashes on all sorts of people that happen in for a cup are sprinkled among other stories such as "Welcome to Seattle" where a girl leaves her home town for the first time to meet her boyfriend. But he stands her up and she is left to fend for herself in a strange town. As it turns out, it's a liberating experience and once she does stumble on to him, he is amazed at her transformation, so similar to his own. Reminiscent of the insightful work of Adrian Tomine.
“One of the best graphic albums of the year! A must-read book.” Tony Isabella
“Murphy is worth keeping an eye on.”
Kirkus Reviews
Memorable stories and characters and popular themes recommend this graphic story collection to most public libraries."
Library Journal
Wholly engaging. YAs will be pulled into the selections immediately and will be able to identify with one or more members of the realistic and sympathetic cast."
School Library Journal
6x9, 80pp. B&W, trade pb. $8.95, SALE $3
ISBN 1-56163-202-3
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Mark Murphy

The newest collection of warm slice of life stories without the cynicism. Some melancholic, some hopeful, some humorous, all keenly and quietly observant. Main stories include ‘Steven’ exploring the blurry line between friendship and love between 2 comics fans, ‘Tide Pools’ where a visiting student encounters a girl with an itch to move on and out of her small town life but no gumption to go through with it, the particularly remarkable ‘May 27th’ which brings a student social worker face to face with delinquency brought on by lower class despair, and ‘The Burial’, with its aura of mystery, in which a terrible secret is literally unearthed leading to an insightful revelation. Collected from the comic book issues 1 through 4.
"4 out of 5! A number of stand alone short stories that are eminently accessible and delightful in their diversity."- Alan David Doane, Comic Book Galaxy. com
"Explores the complexities of human emotion, imperfection, and relationships with sympathy and deft storytelling."-Library Journal
"Murphy joins Jaime Hernandez and Adrian Tomine as a comics writer who refuses to shy away from complex female characters. The strip reminds readers of the pure and innocent fun that comics can provide." -Publishers Weekly
"We come away with an appreciation for the small threads that became the tapestry of our own lives." Andrew Smith-Scripps Howard News Service
"4 Tonies (out of 5)! Murphy's art is notable for its clear panel-to-panel flow and comics-realistic portrayals of people and places. It's not flashy but it works perfectly with the tales Murphy is spinning."
-Tony Isabella, Comics Buyer's Guide
"Realism isn't common in graphic novels. What happens in a Murphy story could be seen pretty much as he draws it. We and those we know could live a Murphy story. As recognizable as realistic prose fiction, and so are their predicaments-ordinary matters of the heart, home, and appetites. And if Murphy's black-and-white artwork and bang-on dialogue were any more mannered than they are, his stuff would be boring. But they aren't, and it isn't." -Ray Olson, Booklist
"Murphy's black-and-white artwork remains clear and effective, his characters recognizable and easy to relate to. Teens as well as adults should appreciate the low-key humor and empathize with the characters' struggles."
-Voice of Youth Advocates
"Grade: 8/10. Slice of life tales remeniscent of Dan Clowes, but warmer; more approachable. His characters could be any of us, in all our sometimes humorous, sometimes bittersweet, often awkard glory." -Sequential Tart
6x9, 96pp., B&W, clothbound, color jacket, $15.95, SALE $3
ISBN 1-56163-328-3
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Paperback: 6x9, 96pp., B&W trade pb.: $9.95
ISBN 1-56163-329-1
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