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JEWISH IN AMERICA, set of graphic novels by Neil Kleid
Art by Jake Allen and Nicholas Cinquegrani
Rising star and award-winning comics writer Neil Kleid explores two aspects of being Jewish in America in this banded set of his two highly praised graphic novels: Brownsville and The Big Kahn. Brownsville presents factually the rise and fall of ‘Murder, Inc.’, a group of assassin for hire Jews in the mob in the twenties. The Big Kahn, with its Rabbi who turns out to have never been Jewish, explores the very nature of faith.
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6x9, 390pp., banded set of two B&W trade pbs., $24.99,
ISBN 978-1-56163-700-3



Rabbi David Kahn has lived a forty-year lie: he is not, nor has he ever been, Jewish. When at his funeral, the “rabbi’s” grifter brother reveals the truth, it forces the Kahn family to struggle with grief and betrayal as their congregation examines their every move and question their very faith. His son, Rabbi Avi Kahn, the heir apparent, spirals down in an affair with his rebellious sister Lea’s non-Jewish roommate. Lea rethinks the religion she’s run from, strong enough to alter her father’s life, while Eli — the youngest Kahn — inherits his father’s long-forgotten legacy. Somehow, with the help of the uncle he never knew and his slowly re-awakening sister, he attempts to return faith and order to his family and community and reinstate his father’s good name. Neil Kleid, Xeric Award winning author of Ninety Candles and NBM’s Brownsville, and illustrator Nicolas Cinquegrani offer a drama about loss, lies, belief and renewal in this dramatic graphic exploration of a family secret so well-hidden, it questions the very nature of faith.
"The emotions that drive this graphic novel make it a genuine page-turner with a satisfying conclusion. With admiration for Kleid’s riveting story and Cinquegrani’s deft realization of the characters and locations with which he has brought that story to life, The Big Kahn earns the full five out of five Tonys. It’s a masterpiece.”
-Tony Isabella, Comics Buyers Guide
"Easily Kleid’s best work to date as a writer; it’s clever and gripping. Highly recommended.”-Greg McElhatton, Read About Comics
"Kleid's done some good comics work in the past, but The Big Kahn is his new gold standard. Neil Kleid's The Big Kahn is going to make some Best Of 2009 lists, and it deserves to do so. This book is a moving testament to family and faith, set in a Jewish backdrop but not requiring any knowledge of that religion. Kleid handles the complications of family with a caring and intelligent touch, giving closure without providing easy or pat answers. The Big Kahn is a good, good comic, and you should read it."
"Gripping." -Publishers Weekly
"This is an unusually rich work. Every character is well realized. Each panel’s composition, perspective, and placement within the continuity, and also the transitions between scenes, are done with care. A not-to-be-missed original graphic novel." -Booklist
"One of Hottest Graphic Novels for Summer. Kleid’s script is a wonder, with its pitch-perfect ear for dialogue. It’s so simply executed (and subtly ambitious) that it sneaks up on you more easily and more casually than you expect. Its great strength lies in that. I loved the story."
-John Hogan, The Graphic Novel Reporter
“A story about belief and truth—in gods, marriages, and selves. An interesting addition to all high school, community, and church libraries. Excellent for book clubs and study groups as well.” -ForeWord
"This is a beautifully meditative story, and readers don’t have to be Jewish (or pretend to be Jewish) to get absorbed…A-.”
-The Onion
"A rich and meaningful exploration of the kinds of questions that make this book perfect reading after shul on Rosh Hashanah (and if you read it instead of going to shul, we won’t tell)."
-Heeb Magazine
Comic Book Resources interviews Kleid on this book
And a great interview with Publishers Weekly
6 x9, 176 pp., trade pb., B&W with color cover, $13.95
ISBN 978-1-56163-561-0



In the 1930's, life in Brooklyn was murder. 
"Jewish gangster" isn't a term you hear much in post-Holocaust society... but back when the Dodgers played in the East and licorice cost a penny a bag, Brooklyn corners were lousy with semitic young toughs looking for adventure and excitement - none more so than in Brownsville.
Follow the intertwined lives of Allie Tanennbaum, Abe Reles and scores of hoods organized by Louis Lepke Buchalter into the deadliest hit operation in Mafia history, "Murder, Inc.", as they escape the mean streets and lonely tenements of East New York., make themselves into the most dangerous men in America, only to eventually send their best friends and closest allies up the river.
Written by Xeric Award winner Neil Kleid.
"Gangsters have always been a popular subject for graphic novels, and Brownsville is a worthy addition to the Jewish side of the canon." -Hadassah Magazine
"Forceful storytelling and deep passion for its characters and indeed for this dark chapter of Jewish-American history."
-The Jewish Chronicle
"The events and players come to life in the stark images in this historical overview." -VOYA
"Smart, absorbing." -Ray Olson, Booklist
"Beautifully moody evocation of a bygone Brooklyn inhabited by Jewish gangsters, Brownsville follows the career of some of the biggest names in the hoodlum business. A fine addition to the archive." -Publishers Weekly
"This is a fine piece of graphic literature that should have strong appeal to the non-traditional comics reader."
"Outstanding. Stands out as one of the best books of the year thus far. Highly recommended. Grade: 5/5." -Comicbookgalaxy.com
"Weaves history and fiction into a visceral and moving story."
-Richard Pachter, Miami Herald
"***1/2. NBM's ComicsLit line delivers. As a history buff, I looked forward to this book written by Xeric Award winner Neil Kleid, and, once I had it in hand, it lived up to my lofty expectations."
-Ray Sidman, Comics Buyer's Guide
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interview on Comics Waiting Room

6x9, 208pp., B&W, jacketed hardcover: $18.95,
ISBN 978-1-56163-458-3, Sold Out

Trade paperback: 6x9, 208pp., B&W, $12.95,
ISBN 1-56163-459-0

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See Neil Kleid's interview on Comic Book Resources
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