Stéphane Levallois  
Stéphane Levallois was born in 1970 and lives in Paris. In 1988, he entered the Penninghen Graduate School of Graphic Art. Among his teachers, Roman Cieslewicz. He graduated in 1992 first in his class. He taught sketching there for three years. Following his studies, Levallois did computer graphics training, and signed movie posters and illustrations. He joined the Cryo video game publisher as artistic director. At the same time, he became a storyboarder and produced designs for advertising and cinema, working for many directors including Marc Caro, Jan Kounen, Louis Leterrier, Peter Weber, Wong Kar Wai and on such blockbuster movie franchises as Alien, Harry Potter and King Kong. He designs for Stark, John Galiano, Jean Baptiste Mondino and Hedi Slimane. He also does character studies for the Time Warner companies, and Marvel Studios.