Byun Byung Jun

BYUN Byung-Jun

In Chinese, ‘Mijeong’ means ‘pure beauty.’
In the cold city, young people’s lives cross and spark for brief moments in this remarkably drawn graphic novel; Wounded characters, squashed by the daily hard realities of urban living whose destinies take sudden unannounced turns but their inner flames shine bright and wild, even for a brief time. From the girl who deals sensitively with an older man obsessed by youth to the group of friends who find their friend has committed suicide but feel they might get implicated, this engrossing collection of stories will transfix and move you deeply. Another remarkable manhwa by the artist of Run, Bong-Gu, Run.
“very thought provoking. It touches on some serious issues and treats them with respect” -The Feminist Review
“The stories in Mijeong work like poetry, evoking senses, feelings, that neither the words nor the images alone accomplish. Breathtaking artwork.”
-New City
“The stories are unique and powerful on their own, but together they create a solid theme for the collection. Although this title is definitely for comic readers who enjoy more literary quality in their sequential artwork, it has a larger appeal than the typical literary graphic novel. High school teens and adults will find inspiration here.”
"This impressively talented artist deserves a wider audience."
“All beautifully executed, true-feeling stuff.” -Booklist
“Byun is clearly a talented draftsman with narrative ambitions. Mijeong showcases Byun’s relatively accomplished illustrative style.”
-Publishers Weekly
6x9, 240pp., B&W, trade pb., $19.95, SALE $3
ISBN 978-1-56163-554-2
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Byun Byung Jun

Off the train in the middle of winter at the station in Seoul, Bong-gu and his mother bring a little spring time warmth to the capital. They’re from a poor isolated area but on the beautiful sea. She’s looking for her kid’s dad who left without a trace. An old man meets the kid and actually remembers seeing his dad. He manages to bring them together. Dad had dreams coming from the country, hitting the big city. They didn’t quite work out. He had become too ashamed to show himself again. From desperation, the outcome of this story, however, will bring warmth to any heart, showing that the hope and love of humanity can even melt the cold indifference of our urban societies. A beautifully, poetically illustrated little manhwa lit.
"Although short, this manhwa is not slight, changing from gray scale when Bong-Gu is observing his surroundings to full color when he begins interacting with the different characters, the art is done in a photorrealistic style that showcases both the grim coldness of a big city street and the beauty of a modern skyline."
-Library Journal
"Byun is a skillful artist who refrains from exaggerating his characters, instead using subtle devices to elicit real feeling for them. Let's hope we see more work from this fascinating artist and social critic." -Rain Taxi
"I think it takes an enormously gifted creator to tell a sentimental story well, and I think Byun has gifts to spare. With a minimum of manipulation and unerring visual skill, he creates an unexpectedly moving work." -Comic World News
"Lovely" -Booklist
6x9, 112pp., full color trade pb.: $15.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-501-6

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