Seyeong O

Seyeong O
From Korea comes a collection of incisive observant short stories by a leading artist. Reading these thirteen exceptional stories is an experience similar to appreciating a touching poem or watching a series of stills from a silent movie. Combining the traits of different artistic genres, O has indeed created his own world of comic art. While eloquently presenting a universal human experience, O also brings a delightful and exotic insight into Korean society. Whereas Manwa (Korean comics) can be much more than we expect... For mature readers.
"One of the most deeply engaging and emotional works I have read in quite some time. Truly, it is an experience I won’t soon forget."
-Asian Movie Pulse
"One of the Best Adult books for High School students! Thirteen short stories by a master of manhwa (comics) offer an excellent introduction to O's various black-and-white art styles as well as insight into contemporary Korea's culture and history."
-School Library Journal
"O's skill at evoking reader responses ranging from aching sympathy to rueful amusement to horror is that of a consummate craftsman."
"Seyeong renders all of these stories in carefully composed frames, each panel a precise emotional or physical moment. What's really impressive, though, is this book's gentle nature. The author's voice—clear, humane, and patient—always comes through, making these comics both a thoughtful glimpse into a foreign and little-discussed culture and a pleasure to read."
-Publishers Weekly starred review
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"O has a gift for effortlessly bringing the reader into his world. Buja's Diary will expand your comics world. It picks up the full five out of five Tonys."
-Tony Isabella, Comics Buyers Guide
"Grade: 4.5 out of 5. Highly recommended."
-The Comic Book
"Poignant tales. In well-defined black-and-white panels, O generates remarkable empathy and insight while maintaining a sense of objectivity." -VOYA
"Recommended for all readers of Barefoot Gen and Osamu Tezuka's later works."
-Library Journal
6x9, 272 pp., B&W, trade pb.: $19.95 ISBN 978-1-56163-448-4

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