Bernar YSLAIRE  Jean-Claude CARRIERE
  "Setting comics creators loose in the Louvre, and then letting a story come to them that is inspired by the works they
come across. One of the premiere cultural institutions in the WORLD decided that it would be a great idea to create
a "lasting bridge" between their artworks and the world of comics-and their readers. That's just huge."

Karen Green, Comixology. See the complete overview of this series: "4 Nights in the museum."


Bernar YSLAIRE & Jean-Claude CARRIERE

In the next volume in co-edition with the Louvre museum (Glacial Period) we go back to the very origins of the Louvre as a museum: the tumultuous years of the French revolution. It's the story of a painting of the Supreme Being, ordered by Robespierre from the famous painter David. A painting which was never made. It's also the story of another painting, that of the young Bara, a 13 year old martyr of the Republic. From the inauguration of the Louvre, former royal palace, as the museum for the people, to the death of Robespierre, this is also the portrayal of the face to face of two major actors of a revolution in a great hurry. Robespierre appears equally enlightened and lost while David accomplishes his destiny: a painter torn between political engagement and artistic ambition. Yslaire, one the great stars of French comics, delivers a stunning masterwork in an epic and disturbing graphic novel seeped in a dramatic and fascinating period of history.
A BEA GN BUZZ HOT Graphic Novel Selection
"Best of 2011. A beautiful combination of art and story"
-Graphic Novel Reporter
"Gorgeous art."
-Martha Cornog, Library Journal
"Ultimately, it's successful on many levels, for many reasons. But chief among them is the fact that it is an engrossing tale of historical fiction that provides readers with rich and varied rewards."
"The latest in NBM's series of graphic novels about the Louvre, and I think it's the best so far. It's a great read and left me wanting more."
-Brigid Alverson, Robot 6, Comic Book Resources
"It's Yslaire's layout and drafting that really makes the book sing. Very reminiscent of Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's From Hell in the way that it draws out the texture of the time, from the scum choked gutters to the cramped apartments."
-Bleeding Cool
"Singular panache on the part of artist Yslaire... This is bravura serious caricature." -Booklist
"The Sky over the Louvre is more than a historical recreation. It's a graphic novel for our polarized times." -Bill Sherman, Blogcritics
"Creating an effective graphic novel about classic art is no simple task, requiring a writer capable of conveying the drama of the artistic process, and an artist up to the challenge of producing images that do justice to the subject matter. Fortunately, Yslaire and Carriere have both. Will reward those who seek it out." -Publishers Weekly
"I love NBM's Louvre graphic novels, so how could I resist The Sky Over the Louvre, the latest addition, which looks lush and beautiful."
-Brigid Alverson, Comic Book Resources
"For adults, a reasonable response to graphic novels would be: well... why? "The Sky Over The Louvre" provokes a different response. Interest, for one. Understanding - even mastery - of a fascinating historical/art episode, for another. A powerful and enjoyable esthetic experience, for a third. And then, just to be shallow, there's the cool factor - on a coffee table, this book makes you look good.
Was I self-conscious reading this book? Not once
Did I get a better sense of David and Robespierre? Yes, and quickly.
Was I grateful for the art history lesson? Yes, and also for the way the paintings in this book are accurately copied and for two pages of artistic references.
More smart, beautiful hardcover comic books for grownups, please."
-The Huffington Post
"Another outstanding graphic novel. Both [authors] demonstrate the surefootedness of their experience in both quality and content."
-Andrew Smith, Scripps Howard
101/2 x 111/2, 72pp. full color hardcover, $19.99,
ISBN 978-1-56163-602-0
Sold out!

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