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Margreet de Heer
Love is a many-splendored thing, as comic artist Margreet de Heer has found out through several relationships and her marriage to fellow artist Yiri. How to describe it? Is love passion, stability, friendship, or all of the above? In this comics exploration, the author investigates different aspects of love: is there really such a thing as finding The One? What happens in the brain when we fall in love? How can we keep long-term love? What to do about a broken heart? Margreet herself seems to have found her ideal partner in Yiri, but after so many years of marriage, how about that Seven Year Itch? This book deals with many aspects of love, sex and relationships in a light-hearted, playful and often thought-provoking manner and is a fun and informative read for anyone who is in love or planning to be.
"'Love' may feature in the title, but there's plenty of information about religion along with some sound advice about sex, and anyone who can compress the sexual content of the Kama Sutra into two admittedly crammed pages is a talent to be admired…"
-Slings and Arrows
"De Heer's lighthearted but comprehensive touch on love make this entry into the "Discovery" series a treat for almost any curious reader."
-Library Journal
"The depths of love's mysteries may be endless, but de Heer's book is an entertaining attempt to explain it all." -Foreword
"It's an upbeat and good-natured sampling of issues related to partnership, lust, and romance… a topic that could easily provide fodder for an entire separate series of graphic investigations." -Publishers Weekly
128pp., 8x8, full color HC, $18.99; ISBN 9781681122106; ebook: 9.99


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Margreet de Heer
The author of the bestselling Discovery in Comics series, including on Science and Philosophy, tackles a very sensitive subject. Dealing with religion often means walking on eggshells - that is what comic artist Margreet de Heer finds out in this book in which she presents the five major religions and modern spirituality in a colorful, personal yet serious manner. She explores religious history and practices with tact and an open mind, but can’t prevent a few eggs from breaking. Why is religion such a sensitive subject?
This book in comics is fun and informative for believers, non-believers and everyone in between. It offers a fresh look from different perspectives on the phenomenon of religion, the backgrounds and history of the five major world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism) and makes the point that religion is something that should unite us, not drive us apart.
A Graphic Novel Reporter F
all pick
"While personal honesty and revelation is common to all de Heer's projects, it's most relevant to religion, and she's a fantastic guide." -Slings & Arrows
"4 out 5 stars. Refreshing in honesty and openness."
-San Francisco Book Review
"As playfully thoughtful and respectful as her two previous Discoveries in Comics."
-Bill Sherman, Blogcritics
"A perfect opportunity to find an overview."
-San Diego Book Review
"Eyebrow-raising, forward-thinking, and thought-provoking."
Midwest Book Review
"A tidy introduction to beginning students of religious studies."
"Lively, intelligent survey of the world's major religions. Wonderful; a beautiful little book, with clever design, witty cartooning, and splendid use of color."
-Publishers Weekly
8x8, 120pp. full color hc., $17.99, ISBN 9781561639946


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SCIENCE- A Discovery in Comics

SCIENCE- A Discovery in Comics
Margreet de Heer
Science: dull or hard to understand? Not if you read this book! The creators of 'Philosophy - a Discovery in Comics' take on a new challenge, and explain the different scientific disciplines in clear, colorful chapters.
Who exclaimed "Eureka" and why?
Why did Galileo get into a fight with the Church?
What happens when you have your DNA tested?
All these questions and more are answered in a chronological journey from ancient times to modern Quantum Theory, with creators Margreet and Yiri as your witty guides.
A great comic book for anyone who wants to learn in a fun way the bigger framework of science, or brush up on what they learned in school.
See her interview on Sequential Tart
2014 YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens Nominee
"Clever detailed drawings are the perfect medium for this chronological story of science, from its beginnings to modern day."
-Library Media Connection
"Another witty look at human history through a sharply inquisitive and visually inventive mind: can't wait to see what de Heer does in her discovery of Religion."
- Bill Sherman, Seattle Post Intelligencer
"I can't recommend this one highly enough, both for younger readers and adults who enjoy overviews of expansive subjects."
-Panel Patter
"Clear, concise, appropriately challenging and informatively funny, Science – A Discovery in Comics is a wonder of unpretentious, exuberant graphic craft and a timeless book we can all enjoy."
-Now Read This
"If you find a better, more understandable explanation of the space-time continuum and how the idea is relative to Einstein I would be surprised. You can watch a hundred TV specials on waves and particle and read a hundred books, but nothing will help the layperson understand the complexity of quantum theory better than the drawings she has created."
-NY Journal of Books
"A great many topics are treated, thanks to the economy of de Heer’s visual presentation, and they’re all handled very well, thanks to the energy of her drawing style and the vividness of Kohl’s coloring. If anything, Science is an even more successful—more attractive and engaging—work than Philosophy."
"If you have a curious kid in your household, you could do worse than get her this book. Even if that kid is 60 years old."
-Martha Thomases, ComicMix
8x8, 192pp., full color hardcover, $19.99, ISBN 9781561637508

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Philosophy- A Discovery in Comics

PHILOSOPHY- A Discovery in Comics
Margreet de Heer
A fun introduction in comics to deep thinking and the history of Philosophy!
What is Thinking? And how does our thinking set us apart from other animals?
Now that we’re thinking, what is Reality? Is there an objective reality or are there numerous subjective realities? And do we move in it with a free will or is everything predestined?
Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Erasmus, Descartes, Spinoza, Nietzsche: just a few philosophers who have pondered these questions.
Comic artist Margreet de Heer and her husband Yiri travel through the history of Western Philosophy and draw a colorful picture of all these questions.
"(Margreet de Heer's) a fine exponent of what comics are able to do so well, yet so rarely seem to try: taking a topic and exploring it from several angles, broken down into easily digested one page sections… An ideal primer for a vast subject."
-Slings and Arrows
"This shrewd, engaging graphic primer is very ingratiating."
"The characters and arguments of philosophy come brilliantly to life through a series of quirky, memorable conversations."
-Teacher Librarian
"Avoiding a systematic, scholarly overview, de Heer makes philosophical questions lively, quirky, and enduring through her informal approach and lighthearted color drawings. Her appealing introduction will engage those curious about this "philosophy stuff," teens and up." -Library Journal
"Fun, exuberant exploration…" -Broken Frontier
"... encapsulates the major ideas of Western thought into a simple and honest narrative." -NY Journal of Books
"Any philosophy book that includes both sex and shit has to be a bit different from most books about this subject… Delivers a surprisingly fun and really intriguing look."
-Comics Bulletin
"This is an accessible and fun primer on a topic that too often is considered to be musty and shrouded in academic argot."
-School Library Journal
"De Heer knows her stuff and possesses a charming style."
-Publishers Weekly
"Writer/artist Margreet de Heer takes one of the world’s most ponderous and tedious subjects and breathes real life into it. Pumps energy and intrigue into the topic. Definitely a keeper."
-Comics Waiting Room
A BEA 2012 HOT GRAPHIC NOVEL- Honorable Mention
See more at the author’s site.
8x8, 120pp., full color hardcover, $16.99, ISBN 9781561636983


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