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Taxes, The Tea Party, and those Revolting Rebels A Comics History of the American Revolution

A Comics History of the American Revolution
Stan Mack
Here’s the fun way to learn all about the Birth of the United States: in comics! "A cartoonist de-mythologizes the Founding Fathers and makes them more 'like us'" says the New York Times. Uncannily relevant to today's world. Learn about the original revolt against taxes: the Boston Tea Party, and the original Occupy movement: the Rebels in revolt against the status quo. A whimsical and informative pictorial history featuring a chubby, insecure King George III, rebellious and misunderstood colonists, loudmouthed and insensitive aristocrats, and more. Updated from the original "Stan Mack’s Real Life American Revolution" published by Avon books in 1994 .
Imprint has a great interview of Mack on this book.
Recommended by Unshelved
"Mack’s history of the American Revolution strikes just the right balance. It’s packed with names, dates, places, and ideas, but they only come up when they’re needed, as though Mack is giving an enthusiastic, on-the-fly lecture rather than laying out information to be memorized." -Teacher Librarian
"This humanized account of the dawn of the American project is a beautiful piece of work, and a strong tonic against the whitewash of history. There's bravery in this history, and sacrifice, and cunning and resolve. But with the founders' failings and flaws on display, we can see that America's problems have been there since the start."
-Cory Doctorow, BOING BOING
"Endearingly irreverent and well-researched. While excellent for classroom-centered tweens and teens, these revolting rebels should star in all adult collections, too, in displays, and as readers’ advisory fodder." -Library Journal starred review
"Mack's loose cartoony art captures its loudly contentious cast without either mythologizing or condescending to them. Recommended reading for those of us who only hazily remember our public school history classes." -Seattle Post Intelligencer
"A terrific, well-researched look at the events that formed this country. Highly recommended." -Comics Waiting Room
"4 out of 5 stars! This is an effective and quick survey of the American Revolution. Mack tells his story crisply, with just the right touch of irreverence, to be able to strike a chord with kids who have short attention spans -- or with adults like me who want to brush up on our memories of Jefferson, Hamilton and Washington."
Jason Sacks, Comics Bulletin
"Cartoonist and social chronicler Mack's thoroughly researched history of the American Revolution offers a spectacular, unvarnished account that runs counter to the mythology-as-history often taught in American schools."
-Publishers Weekly
"Contains the sort of energy and detail that [other non-fiction comics] lack" -Chris Mautner, Robot 6, Comic Book Resources
"I would grab it!" -Brigid Alverson, Robot 6, Comic Book Resources
"Mack has done his homework, so this is not a retread of the standard story; he brings a new perspective and a lot of hey-I-didn’t-know-that facts to the history we all thought we knew." – School Library Journal
6x9, 176pp., B&W hardcover, $16.99, SALE $3
ISBN 9781561636976
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Stan Mack is available for presentations to schools and organizations. please contact him at: stan@stanmack.com
By Stan Brimberg of the School for Children, Bank Street College, New York City.
"I love the book because students with a range of skills can access the ideas and information in it. I hope this Teacher’s Guide, which grows out of my own teaching experiences, will provide you with lots of material to pick and choose from."
-Stan Brimberg


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