Herve Bourhis

Hervé Bourhis was born in Touraine in 1974.
Best known for his books on music, such as “The Little Book of Rock” or “The Little Book of Black music”, he has been the author of around thirty graphic novels since 2002.

Passionate about popular culture, he enjoys dissecting cultural movements to better tell the story of our times. Even if his documentation is rigorous, Hervé strives to give his work a subjective (and sometimes bad faith) tone to make the complexity of this world funky.

He alternates between contemporary or even political stories with books for young people or humorous ones. He also alternates between fiction and the historic-pop-patchwork, of which he invented a personal form in 2007 with "The Little Book of Rock," an illustrated chronology of rock culture since its origins translated into eleven languages. He expanded this into a series dealing with the Beatles, comics, black music, French pop, ecology and now British pop culture.

Hervé only works on subjects that have obsessed him since his teen years.

He is also a scriptwriter for other artists (Brüno, Christian Cailleaux, Christian Durieux, Amélie Graux,
Grégory Mardon, Rudy Spiessert, Lucas Varela...) And he works as an illustrator for the press (Libération, Télérama, lemonde.fr, Spirou, La Revue Dessinée).

Hervé Bourhis received the Goscinny Prize in 2002, the Jacques Lob Prize in 2010 and the Landerneau Prize in 2014.


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