Stefano Turconi

Teresa and Stefano were born close to each other in the mid-'70s but only met in 2004. She writes stories for a living; he draws them. They liked each other immediately and married the following year.
Having discovered one another as curious travelers, avid readers and relentless dreamers, they travel around the world with nothing but boots and a rucksack. It wasn't long before, having walked
together, they started telling stories together. Their first four-hand adventures were for Disney and in 2013 they create Violette Around the World published and awarded in many countries including the US. In their creative den, their bottomless drawers are filled with plans and ideas, things to do, places to see, faces to meet.
The most original fruit of their by now ten-year collaboration have big eyes and heads full of stories already. Their names are Viola and Michel


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