An Actor of Color's Journey Through the Heyday of Hollywood

Loo Hui Phang (writer), Hugues Micol (art)

Maximus Wyld had his heyday in 1940s-50s Hollywood. Of mixed race Black, Chinese and Native American descent, he was "the actor with a thousand faces”, essentially interpreting ethnic roles: Indian chief, Mexican revolutionary, oriental dandy...

A veritable reinterpretation of the myth of American cinema through the prism of minorities, Erased reveals the political and social dimension of Hollywood productions.

Maximus Ohanzee Wildhorse, renamed “Maximus Wyld” by Hollywood, was a talented, prized, admired comedian. His filmography is an anthology of cinema: Vertigo, the Maltese Falcon, Sunset Boulevard, the Prisoner of the Desert, Rebecca...

Copper faced and with unprecedented beauty and animal presence, he paved the way for colored stars in an segregationist climate. After him, Sydney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, and Yul Brynner were able to reach the rank of stars. His charisma ignited white cinema and shamelessly swayed its racial hegemony. Maximus Wyld was a pioneer. However, no credits mention his name. On celluloid there is no imprint of his face. Maximus the precursor rests in the graveyard of Hollywood amnesia. What event pushed him into limbo? What occult and superior force has stored his career in a cinematic Bermuda Triangle?

8 ½ x 11, 200pp., B&W hardcover, $24.99
ISBN 9781681123387

Ebook: $16.99
ISBN 9781681123394



Pink Floyd in Comics

Nicolas FinetTony LourençoThierry Lamy (writers) & various artists (art)

Do you really know Pink Floyd? This comics documentary retraces the history of the group, from their meeting to the solo adventures of the artists. A great opportunity to revisit famous episodes in the life of the mythical group and explore what made their approach to music absolutely inimitable. 28 comprehensive chapters to explore all of their musical and cultural heritage.

As for all bestselling volumes in this series, this is a mix of articles illustrated with photos providing the facts and comics chapters providing the feel.

Get the behind-the-scenes real story and trip on Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wish You Were Here, Money, Time and so many other ex-temporal albums and hits which simply never fade!

7 ½ x 10", 232pp., full color hardcover, $32.99
ISBN 9781681123363

e-book: $18.99
ISBN 9781681123370

PUBLICATION DATE: August 13, 2024



From Prehistory to Today: 500,000 Years of Adventure

Benoist Simmat (writer) & Stéphane Douay (art)

For the first time, a graphic novel tells the story of humanity through the evolution of cuisine. From the discovery of fire to organic cooking, this book is aimed at all curious people and foodies. By the author of Wine, A Graphic History.

As soon as humans mastered fire, they invented cooking. Did you know that Sapiens invented steam cooking and freezing? That the Mesopotamians created soups, bread, beer, ovens? That gastronomy and tableware have been symbols of political power?

These great discoveries changed the world, but also the way we eat. From America, the conquistadors brought spices, peppers, potatoes... Portuguese missionaries brought the frying technique to distant samurai who made the first tempuras. These are the beginnings of globalization.

In the 19th century with the industrial revolution, “capitalist” cuisine emerged: it was the beginning of the food industry. In the 21st century, the organic and buy local movements are shown as a reaction against the harmful effects of this culinary and gastronomic standardization.

To finish in style, find twenty-two recipes for dishes mentioned throughout our story that you can make at home!

7x10, 240pp., full color HC, $34.99
ISBN 9781681123400

ebook: $19.99
ISBN: 9781681123417




And More Observations from Parenthood

Jeffrey Brown

A sweet and charming collection of comics about how strange and funny kids can be, New York Times bestselling cartoonist Jeffrey Brown (Darth Vader & Son, Jedi Academy) chronicles his life as a parent while his children speak brutal truths and make unintentionally hilarious observations.

7x7, 112pp, full color trade pb, $9.99
ISBN 9781681123448

ebook, $4.99
ISBN 9781681123455



Audrey Hepburn

Michele Botton (writer) & Dorilys Giacchetto (art)

“Everyone has their own Audrey, for some she is always twenty years old, for others she is in black and white and for others in color. Sometimes she is a European princess, a tipsy New Yorker or a UNICEF ambassador. Here you will discover her differently, made of ink and paper in a much more intimate and unvarnished dimension, without a soundtrack and with the voice you prefer. I sincerely hope that you will discover her as yours.”

- From the preface by Luca Dotti, Hepburn's son

When Audrey Hepburn is mentioned, one thinks of her being beautiful and elegant, of her films, or of how her image is used to recall something immortal and fashionable.

But Audrey was also a little girl who saw the Second World War with her own eyes, a woman who was at times fragile at work and in her private life, with a strong desire for motherhood and, above all, a
boundless love for children that would lead her to find her true vocation, far from dancing or acting: she will in fact become a UNICEF ambassador to raise awareness in the world and help minors in difficulty.

"When I started acting, I didn't have a method, on set and on stage I just pretended to be someone else, like little girls can do for fun. And I won an Oscar!"
- Audrey Hepburn

6 ½ x 9 ½,
176pp., full color HC, $24.99
ISBN 9781681123462

ebook: $16.99
ISBN 9781681123479


The British Invasion

Hérve Bourhis

A “little square book” focused on English pop culture since 1962 when the country began its revolution! Because it was in 1962, 60 years ago, that the ‘ole Albion, that of the monarchy, tea and crumpets and bowler hats took a resolutely modern turn, thanks to a sexy secret agent, a band from Liverpool, and a mini (skirt and car).

From the eccentric to the ultra-conservative, from James Bond to AstraZeneca, from Bowie to Banksy, including After Eight and the Teletubbies, year after year, all things Brit are covered!

9x9, 272pp., full color HC, $34.99
ISBN 9781681123424

ebook: $19.99
ISBN 9781681123431




A Graphic History

T.J. Kirsch (writer) Adam WalmsleyJeremy Massie,
Jason PittmanHåvard S. JohansenJ.T. YostCoskun KuzgunJesse LonerganT.J. Kirsch (art)

Now in paperback! Country music icon Willie Nelson is recognized all over the world for his music, philanthropy, and unmistakable look.

Since he was a child in Hill County, Texas, he has been writing and performing for adoring crowds. Though his mainstream success did not come until later in his life, he has been determined to take his unique sound and voice to the people even before he was a household name. There have been tragedies, missteps, IRS troubles, good times and bad along the way, but Willie continues to shine his positive outlook and project his humble voice out into the world.

In this graphic novel biography, all the chapters represent a different era of his life and struggles - each illustrated by a unique indie comics talent.

7 ½ x10, 88pp., B&W, trade pb., $14.99ISBN 9781681123325

Buy the e-book: $9.99, ISBN 9781681122632

PUBLICATION DATE: January 14, 2025


Including Sacco and Vanzetti, Black Dahlia, Lovers Lane, & Famous Players

Rick Geary

400 pages of real murder cases from the 20th century! From the famous Sacco & Vanzetti story through the ever-intriguing renowned Black Dahlia murder of a striking aspiring actress in Los Angeles, the mysterious murder of silent movie director William Desmond Taylor in early Hollywood to that of a preacher and his lover found murdered in a park, here is a collection of scandalous murders which were never solved or marked the century. Meticulously researched, they are presented in Geary’s inimitable tongue-in-cheek style.

6x9, 400pp., B&W trade pb., $24.99
ISBN 9781681123332

PUBLICATION DATE: January 14, 2025



America's First School for Black Girls, 1832

Wilfrid Lupano (writer), Stéphane Fert (art)

In 1832, in Canterbury, Connecticut, a “charming and picturesque” little school for young girls opens to accommodate around twenty residents.

Educating girls is a bit ridiculous and useless, they think in the area, but harmless enough. Until the day when the “charming school”, led by Prudence Crandall, announces that it will now welcome Black girls….

Thirty years before the abolition of slavery, some fifteen young people in the Crandall school are greeted by a wave of hostility of insane proportion. White America is afraid of some of its children.

The story of this school and its legal legacy for civil rights cannot be understated. Crandall v. State (of Connecticut) was the first full-throated civil rights case in U.S. history. The arguments by attorneys in the Crandall case played a role in two of the most fateful Supreme Court decisions, Dred Scott v. Sandford, and the landmark case of Brown v. Board of Education. It catapulted Ms. Crandall into a Civil Rights pioneer.

8 ½ x 11, 144pp., full color HC, $24.99
ISBN 9781681123486

eBook: $16.99
ISBN 9781681123493

PUBLICATION DATE: February 11, 2025

MARCH 2025


Thierry LamyNicolas Finet (writers) & various artists

Here is the can't-miss overview of the punk rock scene from its early inception in the seventies in New York and the UK. Includes chapters on The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, and more. Punk was also the flex point for women in rock like Siouxsie and the Banshees, Blondie, The Runaways, Patti Smith and The Slits that paved the way for the Riot Grrrl movement. 

Flashing the finger against the slick corporate rock of the '70s, punk was faster, messier, and louder than anything before it. Covered here with the same raw energy, look, and attitude as the music itself!

7 ½ x 10, 176pp., full color HC, $27.99
ISBN 9781681123509

eBook: $16.99
ISBN 9781681123516

PUBLICATION DATE: March 18, 2025

APRIL 2025


To The Heart of Solitude


What pushed John Muir to become the pioneering environmentalist and founder of the Sierra Club?

1867: A sawmill is running at full speed with a terrible noise when suddenly, workers run to rescue a man on the ground. He has seriously injured his eyes. John Muir is twenty-nine years old and has to be confined in a dark room: it is likely that he may remain blind. But miraculously, after months of an almost mystical convalescence, he regains his sight.

This episode convinces him he's going to leave everything behind and embrace his lifelong dream: head south to meet the wilderness. Armed with only his courage, his youth, a magnifying glass and a botanical book, he treks hundreds of miles on foot from Indiana to Florida. Imagine an almost pristine wilderness, where only a few dangerous ex-soldiers from the South and former slaves thrown out of the old plantations roam…

This biography covers both his famous life-changing long treks including as well the Sierra Nevada trail he pioneered which now bears his name. Here, in breathtaking vistas, is the inspiration he got to found the Sierra Club, create the first national parks, and become one of America’s first and foremost environmentalist champions.

8 ½ x 11, 176pp., B&W HC, $19.99
ISBN 9781681123523

ebook: $9.99
ISBN 9781681123530

PUBLICATION DATE: April 15, 2025