DUNGEON Zenith, Vol. 5

Fog & Tears

Lewis Trondheim, Joann Sfar, Boulet

The valiant duck Herbert and Isis, his beautiful and belligerent Kochaque companion's son is born. As much as the young parents are delighted with this new arrival, tensions are not long in rising. Isis wants to submit her baby to the traditional Kochaque rite of passage. Herbert, judging it far too dangerous, tries to dissuade her. Unable to convince her, he finally decides to kidnap the infant.

In the second story, the fight to recover the Dungeon from the hands of the big bad Delacourt still keeps our heroes busy... While Horus has been trying for days to hypnotize the spirits of Terra Amata freed from the Vault of Souls by Delacourt, the Guardian calls on Marvin to come to the thaumaturge's aid. But to get there, he will have to, willy-nilly, make an alliance with a former classmate of his new wife.

8 ½ x 11, 96pp., full-color trade paperback. $17.99
ISBN 9781681123165

PUBLICATION DATE: October 17, 2023


Red Harvest

The Terror Famine In Soviet Ukraine

Michael Cherkas

Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin waged a brutal war against the Soviet peasantry leading to the Holodomor, the terror-famine that killed at least 4 million Ukrainians during the fall and winter of 1932-33.

Red Harvest is based on the tragic events that took place in Soviet Ukraine and other parts of the Soviet Union from 1929 to 1933. Stalin and the ruling Communist Party began their program of forced large-scale collectivization of individual farms and farmers, including the seizure of livestock, farm implements, crops, seed stock, and other property.

Red Harvest is the fictional story, based on true stories as related to the Ukranian-Canadian author, of Mykola Kovalenko, a Ukrainian immigrant to Canada, who was the only member of his family to have survived the famine. Through his memories, we witness the horrors of what happened to his family and fellow villagers in the "breadbasket of Europe" as they struggled—not only to make sense of the war that was being waged against them—but, ultimately, to survive.

Featured in Publishers Weekly's TOP TEN FALL 2023 ADULT COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS!

6x9, 144pp, B&W hardcover, $19.99
ISBN 9781681123202

Ebook, $9.99; ISBN 9781681123233

PUBLICATION DATE: November 14, 2023


ZOMBILLENIUM, vols. 5 & 6

Black Friday / Sabbath Grand Derby

Arthur de Pins

The day after "Black Friday" at Zombillenium, the employees have carte blanche to devour the visitors, encouraged by management who intends to profit from these gains in new souls. To thwart Charlotte and Aurelian's sinister plans with her resistance network, Gretchen must first settle accounts with her past..

And in the last culminating episode, The Zombillenium amusement park, which still keeps dozens of visitors prisoner, is coveted by many demons, each eager to become a majority shareholder. The only method of arbitration accepted by all: the Sabbath Grand Derby, a sporting event as violent as it is inventive in which five witches compete against each other and will be fed to visitors to the park...

Among the candidates, a certain Gretchen, determined to play her best since she cannot count on the help of Aurelian-Baphomet... The spectators of the Sabbath Grand Derby, broadcast like an ordinary reality TV program, will get an eyeful! As for Gretchen, she's facing a handful!

The most spectacular of the Zombillenium volumes awaits you, for an apotheosis of a finale, where the action takes nothing away from the emotion or the social criticism.
This series won the Angouleme Best Comics for Youth Prize in 2012. A bestselling series in France with over a quarter million copies sold.

9x12, 96pp., color hardc
over, $24.99
ISBN 9781681123172

e-book: $9.99
ISBN 9781681123189

PUBLICATION DATE: December 12, 2023

ZOMBILLENIUM Set, vols. 3 & 4

Control Freaks / Royal Witchcraft

Arthur de Pins

The set combining volumes 3 and 4 at a special price!

In the third story, there's excitement in the Zombillenium horror themed park run by actual monsters. Brought in by Behemoth himself, the vampire Bohemond Jaggar de Rochambeau IIII is brought in to consult, his mission: to increase return on investment for the shareholders, but for Behemoth that return has to be in souls.

In the 4th chapter, the park has never been better: its popularity has peaked following demonic reforms by Behemoth, who then decides to play his property in a very special competition... A witches' Sabbath!Gretchen, Aurelian and Von Bloodt, meanwhile, have set up an underground escape network in order to offer the damned the chance for reconversion, far from the nine circles of Hell, a dangerous secret operation not appreciated by the park's board of directors. Determined to clean this out, they hire the services of a formidable enchantress who will turn into an arch-rival of Gretchen. Underground as in the air, the fight promises to be epic! Will the undead succeed in asserting their rights? Who will be the future happy owner of the Zombillenium Park? Not to be missed!

9x12, 96pp., color hardcover 2 book set, $24.99
ISBN 9781681123196

PUBLICATION DATE: December 12, 2023


Nina Simone in Comics

Sophie Adriansen, various artists

This is the story of an emancipation, that of a young black
and poor woman living in an America marked by segregation.

This is the story of a fierce battle, that of a musician
involved in the civil rights movement.

This is the story of a long career, that of a pianist and
singer as talented as determined.

This is the story of Nina Simone, a unique artist, role
model, and inspiration for generations to come.

Genius pianist, fabulous singer and committed artist, Nina
Simone remains an inspiration for generations.

7 ½ x 10, 160pp., full color HC, $27.99
ISBN 9781681123264

ebook $16.99
ISBN 9781681123271

PUBLICATION DATE: February 13, 2024

MARCH 2024


A Solitary Dance

Salva Rubio (writer), Efa (artist)

One of the founders of the Impressionist movement while also
one of its most ruthless critics, too bohemian for the bourgeois and too
bourgeois for the artists, Edgar Degas was a man of paradoxes. A loner, he only loved one woman without ever courting her, the American painter Mary Cassatt whom we follow closely as well. And it is in the company of the latter that at the twilight of his life, Efa and Rubio open the pages of Degas's notebooks to try to unravel the mystery of this genius steeped in contradictions.

9x12, 104pp, full color hardcover, $24.99
ISBN 9781681123240

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ISBN 9781681123257

PUBLICATION DATE: March 12, 2024

APRIL 2024



Harlem, 1931. In the heart of the Great Depression, invention is the mother of necessity to make ends meet.

Stéphanie St. Clair, known as ‘Queenie’, had already
understood this when she landed in New York almost twenty years before. Inventiveness when you are a woman and you are black is much more than a necessity. It's a question of survival.

In a few years, this young immigrant West Indian servant freed herself from the weight of ancestral servitude. Even better, she created her own American dream: the underground Harlem numbers game.

Hers is an ascent that makes people cringe, both with the local authorities and the white mafia. Dutch Schultz, aka. the Dutchman, an unscrupulous mafioso, intends to take control of the kingdom of the "Frenchy." But that's without taking into account the determination and impetuosity of Queenie, whose heavy past continues to guide her steps...

After the critically acclaimed Giant and Bootblack, Mikaël takes us to the Harlem of the prohibition for the final chapter of his New York triptych in sumptuous chiaroscuro, to meet a woman as strong as she is

9x12, 128 pp., full color hardcover, $27.99
ISBN 9781681123288

ebook, $16.99
ISBN 9781681123295

PUBLICATION DATE: April 16, 2024