Ted Rall

Move forward two decades. See the world as the giant media moguls and software companies have become our new big brothers. They want the best for us. They know what’s best for us. And maybe we don’t always know so well.

Ted ‘I-need-more-enemies’ Rall updates 1984 in a scathing look at where we could be headed; and this is all Rall, no holds barred, no prisoners. His best and most chillingly funny work yet!

"Astonishingly good! The ideas are so arresting and knowingly presented that you fall into the story in two pages. This is the work that Ted Rall's life and career have led up to. He knows this material intimately. 2024 should be required reading in every high school in America. It's just that scary."
Andrew Smith, "Capt. Comics", Scripps-Howard News Service

"Rall's distinctive blocky, punkish drawing style well conveys the story's depersonalized, dystopian environment."

"A rich, extremely clever and in many ways profound satire of where our "whatever" culture is taking us."
-Bradford W. Wright (author "Comic Book Nation"), Washington Post Bookworld

"Rall's view of the future's social contract is a razor-sharp, irony-saturated parody of today's pop culture/consumerist consciousness." 
- Publishers Weekly

6x9, 96 pp., B&W, jacketed hardcover: $16.95

ISBN 9781561632794

Not available as an e-book.