The Bloody Benders

Rick Geary

In his next volume, Geary takes us out to the wild west and the just opened up prairies of Kansas. Out on a deserted stretch of road linking newly forming towns, a mysterious family stakes a claim and builds an inn for weary visitors. Soon, reports multiply of disappearances around that area. Generally, those who disappear have plenty of cash on them. A delicious tale of a gruesome family fronted by a beguiling lass who led their victims on…


A SELECTION OF THE 'BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2008' Guest edited by Linda Barry.

A YALSA (Youth Librarians) 2008 GREAT GRAPHIC NOVEL.

"ONE OF THE BEST COMICS OF 2007. Geary is working on a higher plane than just about every other comics creator in the business."
-The Onion

A 'Comics Worth Reading' Best Book of 2007

"Just plain old good comic storytelling with juicy subjects".

"The grisly details and the uncertainty create an intriguing murder mystery that will appeal to graphic novel readers."

"There's a panel of the murderous Kate Bender, that will haunt my dreams for some time to come. An engrossing, meticulously researched and drawn graphic novel and one of the best in Geary's series so far."
-Comics Journal

"His research and story-telling are flawless. He never stretches the facts, or speculates beyond the known. Of course, with juicy sagas such as this, there's no need for hyperbole, "Benders" is just as mesmerizing as previous entries." -Andrew Smith, Scripps Howard News

"Hits the spot. Geary's black-and-white drawings are terrific at conveying this deadly slice of Plains history."
-San Diego Union-Tribune

"A little gem of a book."
-Comics Reporter

"All is presented with a sense of dread and an offbeat tone that makes Geary totally unique in the pantheon of great cartoonists. Highly recommended, as are all the other volumes of this wildly entertaining series."
-Alan David Doane, Comic Book Galaxy

"Another triumphant entry in Geary's Treasury of Victorian Murder series."

"Exquisite art. Riveting writing."
-Publishers Weekly

6x9, 80pp., B&W, jacketed hardcover: $15.95
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6x9, 72pp., B&W, color cover, trade paperback: $9.95
ISBN 9781561634996