Audrey Hepburn


Michele Botton (writer), Dorilys Giacchetto (art)

“Everyone has their own Audrey, for some she is always twenty years old, for others she is in black and white and for others in color. Sometimes she is a European princess, a tipsy New Yorker or a UNICEF ambassador. Here you will discover her differently, made of ink and paper in a much more intimate and unvarnished dimension, without a soundtrack and with the voice you prefer. I sincerely hope that you will discover her as yours.”

From the preface by Luca Dotti, Hepburn’s son.

When Audrey Hepburn is mentioned, one thinks of her being beautiful and elegant, of her films, or of how her image is used to recall something immortal and fashionable.

But Audrey was also a little girl who saw the Second World War with her own eyes, a woman who was at times fragile at work and in her private life, with a strong desire for motherhood and, above all, a boundless love for children that would lead her to find her true vocation, far from dancing or acting: she will in fact become a UNICEF ambassador to raise awareness in the world and help minors in difficulty.

“When I started acting I didn't have a method, on set and on stage I just pretended to be someone else, like little girls can do for fun. And I won an Oscar!” -Audrey Hepburn.

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