Betty Blues

Renaud Dillies

Little Rice Duck has built himself quite the reputation around the West Wood, playing his trumpet in bars with their smoky, sweaty ambience, tequila sunrises, and jazz. But between his trumpet and his flame Betty, things are going astray. Betty is drowning her need of him in expensive champagne, something someone else is more than happy to provide... something he'd much prefer, like her, would just stay chilled.


"Recommended for those who think talking animals don't always have to just be funny animals."
-Seattle Post Intelligencer

"Like a jazz song, Betty Blues is a short but wild ride that comes together in the end and lingers well after the music is over."
School Library Journal

"dusky mixture of anthropomorphic animal comics and noir lighting."

"Betty Blues is a powerhouse piece of work, a rich, textured, emotionally wrenching journey that challenges the reader at every turn…I was captivated by Betty Blues from beginning to end."
-Comics Waiting Room

"While a melancholy tale perfect for overcast days with a little Bessie Smith or John Coltrane in the background, the artwork will be sure to lift your spirits. Hopefully, more publishers will see the value of expanding their styles and allow a bit more freedom for their artists. Until then, we have publishers like NBM hunting down these treasures on our behalf."
- NY Journal of Books

"The art is as lovely as it is irresistible."
-Publishers Weekly

"Abelard is still one of the best things I’ve read in ages. And Dillies’ first book, Betty Blues, winning Best Debut at the Angoulême Comics Festival, and now available for the first time in English, is up there."
-Aug Stone, The Quietus

8 ½ x 11, 80pp., full color hardcover, $18.99, NOW $2.99
ISBN 9781561637584