Dog Butts and Love. And Stuff Like That. And Cats.

Jim Benton

Bestselling cartoonist Jim Benton of It’s Happy Bunny and Dear Dumb Diary fame has also been posting whimsical, dry humored, at times nasty, cartoons on Reddit. They have become one of the site’s most popular items.

At last, here is a collection all in one place! From wry observation of the absurdities of life to acerbic comment, to poetic musings, from cats and dogs to humans, from one size to another, one style to another, this compendium will amaze as to the breadth of Benton’s inexhaustible talent for humor.


The Detroit Free Press interviews Benton

Nominated for an Eisner Award

"One of 5 books to buy internet people for Christmas. Essentially, if you or your recipient like books that make you want to photograph and tweet every page, you should buy this."

"Should win the Eisner! A mixture of The Far Side and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal."
-Cameron Hatheway, 

"It's perfect for: My daughter, who never cleans up her room. I’ve left it laying around with a bookmark in the “Great Moments in Laziness” page. (The cartoon's ending is brilliant, a half-drawn panel.)"

"Easy to pick up but hard to put down, pick up a copy of this hilarious new book, you won’t be disappointed!"

"Had me laughing out loud and shoving pages under my wife's nose more than once."
-Seattle Post Intelligencer

"All over the map! The art styles employed are so incredibly different that many of them look like they’re the works of different cartoonists. One, he likes doing it; and two, he’s really good at it!"
-Comic Book Resources

"Though the title makes some very specific promises about the content, there are also lots of gags about death, particularly murder, and breasts. The former points to a pleasing dark edge that runs through Benton’s cartoons and gives them some heft, while the latter at least shows his comedy is unfiltered. Tricked out with ironic twists and surrealist humor."
-Publishers Weekly

"Marvelously entertaining, because Benton is obviously insane, or insanely creative." -Andrew ‘Capt. Comics’ Smith, The Chicago Tribune

"Consistently brilliant, always hilarious, Jim Benton is one of the best cartoonists on the web right now."
-Matthew Inman,

"If Jim Benton had written this blurb, it would have been more shorter, smarter, and would have contained a salient observation on human nature."
-Zach Weinersmith, Cartoonist,

"If laughter is the best medicine, then your insurance company should reimburse you for the cost of this book. "
Jerry Zucker, Director, Writer, Producer

More rants from apparently important people!

6x9, 96pp. full color trade paperback with flaps, $13.99, SALE $2.99
ISBN 9781561638468