DUNGEON Monstres, vol. 3



Lewis TrondheimJoann Sfar, Carlos Nine, Patrice Killoffer

In the first title story, the supremely talented (especially with women) and outrageous Carlos Nine gives us the complete low-down on the sexy and dangerous killer Alexandra that the young Dungeon-keeper fell for so heavily. In the second, Killoffer ("676 Apparitions of Killoffer") also focuses on a spicy girl, daughter of a prominent character.

"Definitely entertaining. 8 out 10"
-Sequential Tart

"The artwork is lively, exciting, and full of details."
-Library Media Connection

"As usual, the writing is well-tooled and funny, with just the right touch of absurdity. The guest artists have a deft hand, though they don't stray far from the usual Dungeon style. A good continuation of a worthwhile series."

6 x 9, 96pp. full-color trade paperback: $12.99
ISBN 9781561635917

Not available as an e-book.