Flower and Fade

Jesse Lonergan

Kyle has just settled in to his new city and job. He doesn’t know anyone around but it’s comfy enough in its boring routine. Erika, a pretty neighbor, catches his eye. They meet, they talk. Before they know it, they’re an ‘item.’ Before they know it, in fact, they’re very very together. It’s a high but it’s frightening. Is it really the right choice? Are they really for each other or just escaping loneliness? There’s great moments. There’s doubts. In the midst of happiness, Kyle gets nightmares of pulling his teeth out.
Jesse Lonergan’s simple style is moody, subdued, lets the pictures mostly do the talking over an expansive graphic novel that is very real and explorative. Another find from NBM’s ComicsLit.

"Lonergan's mastery of visual sequential storytelling (many panels are wordless) thoroughly engages readers."
School Library Journal

"The bare, descriptive artwork ushers nuance and ambiguity into the story. Will likely ring some familiar bells for all readers."
-Kirkus Reviews

"***1/2. An incredible first effort, and a graphic novel well worth reading more than once."
Comics Buyer's Guide

"Solid debut!"
-Marc Mason, Comicswaitingroom

"Lonergan furnishes his characters’ world pretty much with bare essentials, drawn with few lines... which seems appropriate to this story of how interpersonal minimalism may keep the heart from engaging, let alone breaking."

" RECOMMENDED! The wordless passages are often the most evocative, with the black-and-white artwork carrying the story with strong but minimal lines. The perspective is intimate, focusing on facial expressions and body postures that take readers into the lives of the characters as they seesaw between eagerness and world-weariness while hoping for some kind of resolution."
Library Journal

6x9, 192 pp., B&W trade paperback: $13.95, NOW $2.99
ISBN 978-1-56163-496-5