Generalissimo El Busho

Ted Rall

Rall compiles his most scathing cartoons and commentary aimed at what he portrays as our first non-elected president, one of the most hawkish and mean-spiritedly incompetent in U.S. history.


"Rall, unlike practically everyone else, allowed the president no honeymoon. There was, he felt, too much at stake. Given all that has happened since, it appears he was right. The fume-o-meter for both pro-Bush and anti-Bush readers, will be close to exploding. Better uses of the $19.95: None."
-The New York Times Book Review

"Even when the country was rallying around President Bush, syndicated cartoonist and columnist Rall remained in a state of outrage-one he effectively maintains throughout this book. Love him or hate him, Rall is never less than provocative."
-Publishers Weekly

"On the summer reading list. Mixing incendiary prose with disturbing, deceptively simple, quasi-cubist art, Rall will have you seething in 5 pages flat. Keep a defib handy ."
-Arthur Salm, San Diego Union Tribune

"Concise, well-argued."
-Larry Tritten, San Francisco Chronicle

6x9, 288pp., B&W, jacketed hardcover: $19.95, 
ISBN 9781561633845

ISBN 1561633852