Isaac The Pirate, vol. 2

The Capital

Christophe Blain

The critically acclaimed series continues as Isaac finally gets off the boat but is altered forever from his intense experience at sea. After a dicey life of women and drink on tropical isles fueled by robbery and deft pickpocketing, he itches to be back home and find his love of so many years ago, Alice. While he reunites with his now much older father, Alice, and a 'clean' life, remain elusive...

"Blain's drawing appears cartoony at first, but on closer examination shows a deep portrayal of human emotion."
-Publishers Weekly

"Genuinely picaresque chronicle of a young man's adventures among thieves, thugs, and reprobates. Blain's caricatural, chiaroscuro drawing style complements the story perfectly."

6 5/8x9, 96pp., full color trade paperback., $14.95 NOW $2.99
ISBN 9781561634187