Persia Blues, vol. 1

Leaving Home

Written by Dara Naraghi (writer) Brent Bowman (art)

Minoo Shirazi is a rebellious young Iranian woman, struggling to define herself amidst the strict social conventions of an oppressive regime, and the differing wishes of an overbearing father, in between life in Iran and life in midwestern America. Minoo Shirazi is also a free-spirited adventurer in a fantasy world, a place where aspects of modern America and ancient Persia meld into a unique landscape. And yet, neither of these women are the true Minoo Shirazi.

At the intersection of guilt and freedom, family and self, ancient myths and modern enigmas, lies...Persia Blues.


2014 YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens Nominee

Nominated for the Amelia Bloomer Project, ‘Recommended Feminist Literature for Birth through 18’

"This first volume nicely sets up a sequel that I’ll be sure to read."

"A solid beginning with a lot of cool cultural tropes. 7 stars out of 10."
-Comic Book Resources

"A fascinating and illuminating read. A raw, sometimes painful, sometimes joyous magical realist blending of gritty fact with gorgeous myth-based fantasy, Persia Blues is a timely, emotionally intelligent exploration of how one woman copes with oppression, loss, and misplaced guilt. Highly recommended."
-Broken Frontier

"A story with settings rare for an American adventure story. And that setting alone is enough for me to recommend this book."
-Andrew ‘Capt. Comics’ Smith, Scripps Howard papers

"For the young creators, as for Minoo herself, this is a promising beginning."
-Publishers Weekly

"Naragahi and Bowman structure their tale in a meaningful manner, jumping back and forth between stories without disrupting the flow or hampering intelligibility."
-Comics Alternative

"Engaging, rewarding and just plain refreshingly different, Persia Blues looks set to become a classic in years to come."
Win Wiacek, Now Read This

"A huge treat! It’s difficult to select in which storyline Bowman’s artistry is better. In the fantasy story, his lush pencils are dark, swirled, majestic, full of portent. In short, they’re simply wonderful. But then again, how he captures Iran’s city of Shiraz, as well as simple scenes of a family at home or people interacting, is impressively subtle and evocative.
This is the first book in a planned trilogy, and both storylines reach satisfactory cliffhangers that leave us eager for another volume."
-Graphic Novel Reporter

"Both storylines are engaging and well-executed. It’s good — it’s very good."
J. Caleb Mozzocco- Comic Book Resources

6x9, 112pp., B&W trade paperback, $12.99
ISBN 9781561637065

But the e-book: $8.99