Phoolan Devi

Rebel Queen

Claire Fauvel

She rebelled against the ancient tribal rules of India, her country, resulting in her becoming a Robin Hood type bandit. Essentially sold at the age of 11 to become a wife for a much older man, she ran away when he raped her. From that point on, there were few choices for her but to join a roaming gang of bandits, her ambition leading her to become their rebel chief. Ultimately, society caught up with her and she even became a strong voice for change as a representative in the Indian parliament.

A story of courage and unbending determination in front of centuries of established inequities in the classic Indian caste system. For mature readers.


"A 2021 Excellence in Graphic Literature Award Finalist for Best in Adult Non-Fiction."

A YALSA 2021 Great Graphic Novel for Teens

"The story remains an inspirational look at a woman who rose up against the violence committed against her and took something back. It's not an easy read, but it's an important one. Perhaps Phoolan Devi deserves the little bit of legend she has become."
-Rambles. Net

"Fauvel chooses to end her story at the moment Devi steps out of prison, not knowing where life will lead her next. It is a poignant way to finish, especially for those who know how the story ends."
-Broken Frontier

"Potent, unmissable, and primed to continue the fight, this is a book you must read."
-Now Read This

"STARRED REVIEW. A woman operating with an eye-for-an-eye attitude is a rare and powerful thing, and this heroic tale of Phoolan’s journey from despair and abuse to justice and renown, is intoxicating."
-Library Journal

"This striking biography is as memorable as its vigilante heroine."
-Publishers Weekly

8 ½, 11, 224pp., full color hardcover, $34.99
ISBN: 9781681122519

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