Rohan at the Louvre

Hirohiko Araki

The Louvre Collection

After Glacial Period and The Sky Over the Louvre comes another completely original story with stunning art by a leading mangaka, bestselling author of 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.' Rohan, a young mangaka, meets a beautiful mysterious young woman with a dramatic story.

Seeing him draw, she tells him of a cursed 200 year old painting using the blackest ink ever known from a 1000 year old tree the painter had brought down without approval from the Emperor who had him executed for doing so. The painting meanwhile had been saved from destruction by a curator of the Louvre.

Rohan forgets this story as he becomes famous but ten years later, visiting Paris, he takes the occasion to try and locate the painting. Little does he know how violently powerful the curse of it is until he has the museum unearth it from deep within its archival bowels…

Live-Action film adaptation streaming on Amazon Prime Video starting September 22, 2023!


"A must read! A truly unique reading experience."
-Ain't it Cool News

"I’m really glad I bought this! Fifteen dollars for a full color Jojo standalone story on nice 8.5 x 11″ paper really is a bargain. The pictures look even nicer at full size. Araki’s art is adaptable yet distinctive, changing to match genre requirements while still being unmistakably his own. It’s funny and scary and idiosyncratic and weird."
The Hooded Utilitarian

"Published in a large hardcover format this unique title should find an audience. Should be popular with manga fans."
-School Library Journal

"Araki’s book will be relished by readers who are fans of the manga format, especially those interested in art."

"A must read! With its attention to the artistic process and the almost INDIANA JONESesque mystery of an ancient relic, mixed with a little bit of Japanese fairy tale whimsy, ROHAN AT THE LOUVRE is a truly unique reading experience."
-Ain’t it Cool News

"A neat comic, a nice chance to see manga art in color, which is a rarity, at least for work that has been translated into English. It also seems like a good sample of Araki's work, something that might point readers toward his other stuff."
-Warren Peace

"Triggers bodily mayhem of a type sure to warm the hearts of old souls who remember the author’s early ’80s bio-mutation opus Baoh."
 The Comics Journal

"Rohan at the Louvre is less aimed at the bovine teenagers grazing the manga aisles at Barnes and Noble and more toward the sort of mature, comics-as-artform crowd…The sort of bizarre, distinct, and memorable one-shot manga that rarely ever sees the light of day over in North America."
Otaku USA Magazine

"A refreshing, visceral exploration of the concept of the artistic muse and the desperate lengths most of us will go to capture and hold onto inspiration."
Broken Frontier

"Rohan at the Louvre belongs on everyone’s shelf! This book has rocketed to the top of my "Best of" list for the year."
– Stumptown Trade Review

"Araki’s striking color work is marvelously effective, adding another level to his artistry. While the color emphasizes the fantastic, Araki’s line and figure work tends toward the realistic, creating an interesting and engaging contrast. Araki’s illustrations are meant to be looked at and appreciated not just as part of the story but as art."
Experiments in Manga

"Araki’s style is flamboyant and flashy, an interesting merger between traditional Japanese linework and American slickness."
 Comics Bulletin

"It’s a straightforward, beautifully drawn, and delicately colored tale, filled with emotional bursts, sudden death, and the scent of eternity. It’s also a great deal of fun."

"Looking like the work of a Japanese P. Craig Russell, Araki’s art lends a wistful mood to the tale’s proceedings and arrests the eye with willowy figures and expressive faces. Previous volumes of this graphic novel series published by the Louvre itself have all been excellent, and this is no exception."
-Publishers Weekly

"One of 12 books to look forward to in 2012"
Robot 6-
Comic Book Resources

7 ¼ x 10 3/8, 128pp. full-color hardcover, $24.99
ISBN 9781561636150