Streak of Chalk

Miguelanxo Prado

On the occasion of NBM's 40th anniversary, a classic back in print! A small streak of an island in the Atlantic. On no map. In heavy summer heat. One general store with a woman and her taciturn boy. A lighthouse with no light. Memories and messages graffitied on the pier wall. A chance encounter with a beautiful elusive woman. A Murder. Or was it? Nothing seems completely real. Only the graffitied memories are constant.

A mysterious multifaceted novel steeped in magical realism that can be read a number of ways, Streak of Chalk is one of Spain's best comics authors' magnum opus, and one of the greatest most pioneering graphic novels NBM ever published.


"9/10. Absolutely beautiful, a bit creepy and a great ride."
-Sequential Tart

"Very much a novel. Many 'graphic novels' are, at best, extended short stories, but Prado explores the complexities of relationships in a thoroughly adult manner, taking us through the numerous stages that create a bond, whether of love, hate or something else."
Slings and Arrows

"Win's Christmas Gift Recommendation: For Magic All Year 'Round… 10/10. A moody lyrical and deliciously brooding dark affair. A graphic narrative masterpiece in every sense of the term, Streak of Chalk gets under your skin and stays with you long after the final page is turned." -Win Wiacek, Now Read This


"keeps the reader fascinated to the very end."
-Midwest Book Review

"Stands as a stunning example of the unique potential of graphic novels. Prado earns attention honestly. His art is a wonder, and it's striking to see his mastery of different techniques as evidenced in the bonus pages, which give an idea of how much care has been taken to convey a certain mood throughout the book."

"Although the story is sparse, there's intrigue, sex and, more importantly, Spanish artist Prado's sumptuous illustrations and exquisite use of colors, to keep the reader's attention."
-Publishers Weekly


9x12, 88pp., full-color hardcover, $19.99, NOW $4.99
ISBN 9781681121161