The Bristol Board Jungle

Mark Kneece (writer) Bob Pendarvis (art)

A full college class on creating comics... in a graphic novel! Learn the secrets of the trade but also... the secrets of the students who make quite a cast of characters. Can the professors keep up? Hey, life is art! By two professors of the Savannah College of Art & Design with a class of their best seniors.


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"Jungle incorporates quite a bit of solid information on comics creation in the telling of its story."
-Tony Isabella, Comics Buyers Guide

"Grade: A. The book takes readers through the beginnings of a semester right up to the fledgling artists' first opportunity at landing work. Along the way, it throws in a few how-tos that are of special interest to both would-be comics creators and casual readers."
-Comics Buyers Guide

"Belongs in a similar category as Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics. A lighthearted complement."
- School Library Journal

6x9, 144pp., B&W trade paperback, $11.95
ISBN 9781561633791