The Broadcast

Eric Hobbs (writer) Noel Tuazon (art)

On the day of the historic broadcast of The War of the Worlds by Orson Welles which triggered panic in many places it sounded so real, a family in the countryside fears for its life and also has to deal with strangers and neighbors coming in for help. The tension brings to the surface long suppressed emotions and conflicts and a violent reckoning in a dark stormy night.


"Hobbs provides convincing characterizations and a satisfying conclusion. Recommended."
-Library Journal

"Tuazon captures both the naturalism of the setting and its characters as well as the expressionistic nature of the human conflict. Thanks to Tuazon, it has a raw and visceral energy that raises the stakes for the reader."
-Rob Clough, The Comics Journal

@$$ie Award for Best Graphic Novel.

"Well-developed characters and a fascinating read."
-Ain’t It Cool News

"I'd encourage English and Social Studies teachers to think about using it in the classroom, perhaps for a lesson on H.G. Wells, or daily life during the Great Depression."
School Library Journal

"Newcomer Hobbs works hard not to oversell the drama, focusing on the tensions within the group. Intriguing character study of different personalities under pressure. Tuazon's art adds to the ominous mood."
Publishers Weekly

"This is a script that was worked to death and then edited to the bone until it said the raftful of things it had to say without ever seeming to try. This is art that was similarly worked down to its fundamental essentials so that it comes to us as if still in the pencil rough stage even as every panel shows how much care and thought has gone into every line. This is good comics."
-Gutter Geek at The Comics Journal

"The characters are well developed. There is plenty of mystery and suspense involved, which is slowly unraveled with remarkable pacing."
Ain’t It Cool News

"Hobbs' brilliant, character-driven script weaves a tight psychological thriller that at once feels both intimate and epic. Tuazon’s use of ink washes and inspired panel construction lends an air of atmospheric claustrophobia that truly helps the book achieve its distinct feeling of epic intimacy."
-Broken Frontier

"Well done!"
Comic Book Resources

"Very compelling. Grade 7 out of 10."
Sequential Tart

"Imagine the original Night of the Living set in the Depression- and without any fleshing-eating ghouls - and you have a sense of what Eric Hobbs and Noel Tuazon’s The Broadcast is about."
-Bill Sherman, Pop Culture Gadabout and Blogcritics

"A genuine humdinger of a thriller."

"The characters are memorable, and Tuazon’s wispy artwork, vague and expressive by turns, is perfect for the story."
-Brigid Alverson, Robot 6
6x9, 180pp., B&W, trade paperback.: $13.99, NOW $2.99
ISBN 978-1-56163-590-0

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