The Incredible Story of Cooking

From Prehistory to Today: 500,000 Years of Adventure


Benoist Simmat (writer), Stéphane Douay (art)

For the first time, a graphic novel tells the story of humanity through the evolution of cuisine. From the discovery of fire to organic cooking, this book is aimed at all curious people and foodies. By the authors of Wine, A Graphic History.

As soon as humans mastered fire, they invented cooking. Did you know that Sapiens invented steam cooking and freezing? That the Mesopotamians created soups, bread, beer, ovens? That gastronomy and tableware have been symbols of political power?

These great discoveries changed the world, but also the way we eat. From America, the conquistadors brought spices, peppers, potatoes... Portuguese missionaries brought the frying technique to distant samurai who made the first tempuras. These are the beginnings of globalization.

In the 19th century with the industrial revolution, “capitalist” cuisine emerged: it was the beginning of the food industry. In the 21st century, the organic and buy local movements are shown as a reaction against the harmful effects of this culinary and gastronomic standardization.

To finish in style, find twenty-two recipes for dishes mentioned throughout our story that you can make at home!

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ISBN 9781681123400,

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