Abelard, Betty Blues, Bubbles & Gondola

Renaud Dillies

The bittersweet 'funny animal' comics of French master comic artist Dillies collected in one specially priced set.

From Abelard, a love struck little chick who'll go to the end of the world to catch the moon for his beloved, to Bubbles & Gondola with Charlie the mouse whose writer's block can only get unstuck when he gets out to the world, to Betty Blues, about a hard bitten jazz trumpeter duck and his gorgeous floozy he loses to his music, these are fairy tales for adults with the surrealist charm of Herriman's Krazy Kat. 3 volumes collected in one specially priced set.


"Highly recommended. A timeless, all-ages appeal to these literary graphic novels."
-Midwest Book Review

8½ x 11, three hardcover volumes in a set, full color, 288pp., normally $59, now $49.99 ISBN 9781681121062