To Afghanistan and Back

Ted Rall

with an introduction by Bill Maher

The World’s first "Instant Graphic Novel"! When U.S. bombs started raining on the Taliban, Rall didn't just watch it on TV--he jumped on a plane straight to the war zone to get the real story for himself. But the only cartoonist to go to Afghanistan got more than he bargained for, way more than his previous gut-wrenching trip deep up the legendary Silk Road.

Within days of arriving, armed men were hunting down journalists to murder and rob them. Waving funnies didn’t help. From the gruesome spectacle of a Taliban prisoner blowing himself up with grenades to the hilarious image of mujahideen lining up for shaves and DVD porn a day after joining the Northern Alliance, you can count on Rall for a decidedly different take on this gritty war.

TO AFGHANISTAN AND BACK, features as its centerpiece a 50-page graphic novel travelogue of his experience as a cartoonist and war correspondent. It also includes Rall's articles, cartoons and photos as filed from the front for the Village Voice and syndicated throughout America.


In the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association YA top forty list for non-fiction for 2003.

"His views run counter to current, uncritical jingoism, yet for that reason are noteworthy and valuable. Will challenge readers, provoke many thoughtful discussions."
School Library Journal

-Alex Beam-
The Boston Globe

"For alternative views of post-9/11 politics, don't pass up this small, potent volume."
-Gordon Flagg- Booklist

"Joins Joe Sacco's accounts of life in Palestine and Bosnia as a tremendous contribution to comics war journalism."
-Publishers Weekly

"He trundles through the war zones with hopes, fears and keen visuals intact, and fills his book with first-person detail passed over by most cameras."
-The Guardian


A 2003 Best Book For Young Adults

6x9, 112pp., B&W, clothbound hardcover, $15.95
ISBN 9781561633258

6x9, 128pp., B&W, trade paperback: $12.99
ISBN 9781561633593

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