Willie Nelson

A Graphic Biography

T.J. Kirsch (writer) Adam WalmsleyJeremy Massie,
Jason PittmanHåvard S. JohansenJ.T. YostCoskun KuzgunJesse LonerganT.J. Kirsch (art)

Country music icon Willie Nelson is recognized all over the world for his music, philanthropy, and unmistakable look. Since he was a child in Hill County, Texas, he has been writing and performing for adoring crowds. Though his mainstream success did not come until later in his life, he has been determined to take his unique sound and voice to the people even before he was a household name. There have been tragedies, missteps, IRS troubles, good times and bad along the way, but Willie continues to shine his positive outlook and project his humble voice out into the world. In this graphic novel biography, all the chapters represent a different era of his life and struggles - each illustrated by a unique indie comics talent.

The author introduces his book to you!


"Perfect for lifelong fans and new ones."

"What allows Willie Nelson: A Graphic History to stand out from amongst other music biographies is the focus on the man himself as opposed to the number of records sold (millions!), number of artists who have covered Willie’s songs (which is a lot!) and crowds who were drawn to his live shows (over 50,000!). Willie is the man and Willie Nelson: A Graphic History celebrates him in style."

"If you like Willie Nelson, if you like country music, or are a proponent of marijuana, or just like wild true stories about celebrity life or stories about the creation of good music or if you like good art NBM has added to their illustrious history and this book will find a wonderful and welcome home."
-Women Write About Comics

"Informative and inherently fascinating."
-Midwest Book Review

"An immensely likable tract that feels like a journey shared with a most interesting stranger."
-Win Wiacek, NOW READ THIS!

"Teaming with many different artists, Kirsch’s work lovingly delivers a visual concert for the famed musical icon, capturing the rhythm of his life in black and white with a "greatest hits" approach utilizing Willie’s own lyrics for insight into pivotal moments."
-Library Journal

"A diverse crew of illustrators pool their talents on behalf of a singular artist."
-Kirkus Reviews

7 ½ x10, 88pp., B&W, hardcover, $16.99
ISBN: 9781681122625

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