Terry Nantier

As NBM further defines its focus, we already had generally left behind genre such as SF, horror or crime, in favor of general fiction adult literature such as from the likes of Davodeau or Mikael and our growing line of non-fiction such as the successful Rock Bands in Comics series, The Art of Sushi or the coming Proxy Mom, both of which we’re best known for.

The only two series left within genre were humorful: Zombillenium and Dungeon. Zombillenium has come to its end with vol. 5/6 published last fall. Dungeon, on the other hand, we’ve had to decide to end our run on. We’re grateful for the vocal die-hard fans of this series, well-deserved if insufficient in size, alas, to really support its continuation especially when it was no longer fitting our increasingly focused publishing program.

So, I’m sorry to say, we’ve had to come to the difficult decision to stop with the Dungeon Zenith 5 volume we published last fall. The new relaunch at a larger size was well-received by its core of fans but did not really impose itself successfully enough overall.

Folks, with thousands of graphic novels being published every year now, numerous publishers rushing into this medium to partake of its success creating a very crowded environment, our focus on what we do best becomes crucial and some tough decisions have to be made. This is one of them.

Hey, I personally love this series and never hid my admiration and devotion to the great work of Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar who work off of each other on the scripts of this series in a way reminiscent of jazz musicians improvising and sparking each other on. I do hope this finds another more fitting home where it may find a bigger audience and that this is not the last we see of it in America.
The books we have published in this series continue to be available in our catalog for the time being.

- Terry Nantier

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