J.T. Yost
J.T. Yost

MINGUS, a comics biography of jazz legend Charles Mingus is now available to order through Diamond Previews and for pre-order on our website!

To celebrate, we printed limited-edition risograph prints using some gorgeous Squaz artwork from the book. We gave out 50 to librarians at the ALA Conference last week and will have another edition of 50 available for free with book purchase at SPX in early September. 

Charles Mingus risograph prints

A quick description of MINGUS:
Flavio Massarutto and artist Squaz (Pasquale Todisco) present a comics biography as innovative as its subject in Mingus. A complicated and rebellious man, jazz musician Charles Mingus reflected the struggle and marginalization he experienced as a mestizo living in America within his compositions and performances. Disparate episodes depicting Mingus’ storied and turbulent life unfold like a musical suite culminating in an impressionistic summation of a complex individual.

Mingus graphic novel cover

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