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Red Harvest is a graphic novel that dramatizes some of the events of the Holodomor, the terror-famine in Soviet Ukraine that took the lives of some four million people during 1932–33 as a direct result of the Soviet Union’s forced collectivization policies.

This book is quite a departure for me. My previous work, The Silent Invasion, was a somewhat lighthearted look at conspiracies, flying saucer sightings, McCarthyism, and the "Red Scare."

Red Harvest is the polar opposite. The Holodomor was a devastating tragedy for Ukraine. The repercussions of the Holodomor are still being felt by Ukrainians around the world.    

Over the next few months I'll share sketches, roughs, artwork, and other background material to Red Harvest.

This time a few pages to set the scene…


Next time: I’ll try to explain the Holodomor from a non-scholarly viewpoint.

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