Jack The Ripper, The Beast of Chicago and The Fatal Bullet

Rick Geary

In this first omnibus volume from Geary’s increasingly storied Treasuries of Murder: the first trilogy of murders that made up the very first volume of this series, Jack the Ripper as only he can narrate it, The Beast of Chicago about H.H. Holmes, possibly the first serial murderer with chilling methodical means and The Fatal Bullet about the assassination of president James Garfield.

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"Geary’s very dry wit and expert pacing hit just the right note on this journey into the macabre."
No Flying No Tights

"It is a very eye-catching, old school style of inking that is pleasant to look at and a perfect fit for the time period he’s bringing to life and the tone of the stories."

"I came late to the Victorian Murder party, but I really like Geary’s just-the-facts-ma’am approach, and I’d love to read some of his earlier volumes."
-Brigid Alverson, Robot 6

"A must-read for those who love comics and Gothic-tinged history. These pages are an artist's master class. Geary's cinematic style establishes visual rhythms that set the pace for a story that remains vibrant despite the fact that the only voice we read is the narrator's. Beautiful."
-Cleveland Plain Dealer

6x9, 288pp., B&W trade paperback, $19.99
ISBN: 9781681121383